Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Weakness :/

If there is one weakness I have (and believe me, there is only one ;) it would be purchasing books. We have added about 200 new books this year to our library thanks to Amazon.com and the fact that the library sells barely used books from .25-1.00. If we paid full price for our books we'd have spent between 2,000-3,000 dollars this year...but luckily we didn't we probably spent about 200 dollars.

Today Adam called me and said "There are hundreds of books up for grabs at Tanaka, they are giving them away for free." What did I do with news like this? I dropped everything I was doing, strapped Hannah and the boy we were babysitting up in carseats, and made a mad dash to Adam's school. Adam was underestimating. There were THOUSANDS of books, many repeats. I picked out probably another 200 books (at least) from Little Golden Books to Boxcar children sets, to Newberry award winners. I made out with two boxes FULL of books for Hannah (ok and me too).

It. Was. Heaven.

Even now, even though I spent an hour browsing books, even though it was difficult to do with two kids, I have regrets that I didn't take more.


Georgia said...

I share your weakness...I wish I had only one, but what a weakness to have! Books are amazing; they can be time machines, teachers, escape pods, reality and perspective checks and a million other things.

Congratulations on your recent book bacchanal...it does sound heavenly!

Bea said...

Maybe the books will keep you from eating that cheese. :o)

Stephanie said...

Dang! I would have LOVED to be there!