Saturday, January 1, 2011

Days: 29-30 The End!

Well that was fun eh? I did this challenge because I wanted to get into blogging more. I have some blogging goals for next year and I need to be dedicated to it :)

Here is a picture of me from last year. Last year, I was just graduating, I was a brand new mommy of a perfect baby, and a soon to be stay- at- home- homemaker.
I have learned a lot this year. I have grown in faith, I have gained friends, I have gained weight ;) and a greater appreciation for family.

This is me just a few days ago. I wonder what this year will bring? I know it is bringing my brother home from Australia, Adam's dad home from Iraq...It will mean another graduation for Adam, and with that the possibility for a new career direction. My tiny baby will turn two and we will no longer be a family of three once the Koreans get here. We'll take fun trips, work our tails off to pay for Adam's school between me tutoring and Adam's two jobs. It will mean less time with Adam and more one on one time with Hannah as he is taking 16 graduate level credits from 1/4-5/5/ Then it will mean WAY more time with Adam when he is done teaching on June (?)th and I suddenly find him home every day, all day long.

2011 will be awesome. Bring it!

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