Saturday, January 8, 2011


The title of this blog is what I assume is "Hello" in Korean.

Last night, Adam, Hannah and I drove out to North Las Vegas to meet with the other families involved in the exchange, and to pick up our kids. There was pizza and soda provided, and we waited anxiously and nervously for the kids to arrive. This remains to be on of the top ten craziest things I've ever done in my life and I was a little giddy waiting for them to come. Finally the door opened and two by two Korean after Korean filled the cafeteria.

I couldn't pick out OUR Koreans so I stood in a crowd looking, debating which ones were ours. Then I turned around, and separated from the crowd stood two little girls looking our way, particularly at Hannah. That must be Sarah and Yuni.

We walked over to greet them and Hannah walked right up to them. She made a noise and they laughed hysterically, so in turn she laughed hysterically. Hannah started doing all sorts of things to show off, climbing on their luggage, running around in circles, running up to the girls, everything met by a fit of giggles. It was an instant connection and I was so glad the three of them seemed to be having a good time together.

Oh the drive home, the girls slept for a little bit, and Hannah just stared. We got back home and the girls were happy to be settling in. They each had two large suitcases, backpacks, and together they brought one, giant, ominous box...filled with food. Seaweed, Kimchi, some pastes of sorts and lots of variety of 'cup-o-noodles' with a little squid swimming around on the box. The girls had refused the pizza at the get together (although I know they've had it before, it probably just looked a little different and they were too nervous and excited to eat at the time) but were now hungry once they saw we opened the box of food from home. They preferred to take it up to their room (which was a one time deal, but given the situation I allowed it) and Adam and I sat and marveled at the randomness that is our life. Hannah was busily trying to show them everything in the house, and interested in all things Korean, going from bed to bed looking at the girls things. When I told her it was time for bed, she plopped herself down on one of the twins and started fake snoring in true honk-shew fashion. She was sad when she had to go to her room, but I'm sure once the girls get up she will be happy to know they are here to stay.

The girls brought beautiful clothes for Hannah and some candy and tea for Adam and I, along with a book mark for Adam and jewelry box for me.

They stayed up until about 3 in the morning and I hear them stirring now...

One cute thing was they jumped when I turned on the shower, and showed them how to get ice from the fridge. They are adorable and I love them already!


em said...

How fun to have visitors, Melissa! I grew up with family friends staying w us from time to time, and have very fond memories of friends from Australia, Tahiti, France, and Mexico. My parents were on a church building mission in Tahiti, and met wonderful people who would send their kids to stay w us for an "American " experience. My senior year I basically rescued a French foreign exchange student, who had a crazy host family, and convinced my parents to let her stay w us for a year. This is a wonderful opportunity for Hannah to get to know people from different cultures, and for you and Adam, too! The girls are darling, and are so blessed to be w your cute fam! :) I hope we can meet them when you're here.

Melissa said...

We are so happy Emily! They are the sweetest things and we know we are blessed to have them in our home! That is great you have had so many awesome similar experiences! They will be at Sean's homecoming so I hope you guys make it up north!

Georgia said...

I asked on FB how it was going and then though, "I should see if Melissa has blogged about Sarah and Yuni yet." Sure enough, you had. Thanks for the information. I hope things continue to go well and that they settle in quickly.

I just keep trying to imagine sending my third grader to another country. I never, ever in a million years could have done that. Their parents are brave...they couldn't have known they would have such tremendous people for the girls to stay with. Luckily, you are wonderful and I pray it will be an incredible experience for all of you.