Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The girls are doing great, Sarah had a breakdown Saturday morning but there have been no tears ever since. They are excited for DISNEYLAND this weekend and I am too. They started school today so I'm very anxious to hear how everything goes for them. We are adjusting pretty well, although the first couple of days were a little stressful for me and I'm sure for them as well. Hannah loves them the most and they love her too. They are good "big sisters" to her and Hannah cried when we left them at school today.


Georgia said...

Thanks for the update. I'm so happy to hear that the girls are adjusting. I hope that first day of school was good and each one since has been even better. I also hope that Hannah perks up after they are off to school. I have to assume from the photo on FB today that she is keeping herself amused.

Happy weekend with all of your school-goers at home.

Adam said...

Update: Sarah cries and yells every time she calls her family. It is pretty crazy. Apparently she has major issues with Hannah. Her mother says it has something to do with not having a sister. It is sad to think that somebody would have an issue with Hannah, especially the girls because Hannah just idolizes them as if they are her own big sisters. Yuni doesn't seem to have any issues with Hannah, which is good. Hopefully Sarah will get over her extreme emotional state when talking to her is causing her to get sick. Also, whenever I hear her parents it sounds like they are rolling their eyes, as if they grow tired of listening to her complain about Hannah (an 18 month old).