Thursday, April 30, 2009

A fun treat :)

I have been friends with Bree Johnson since she was Breanna Bernstein :) We have known each other since 7th grade and we grew up together all through high school and beyond.

Funnily enough, Bree and I are friends. If you know Bree, and you know Melissa, you will know that we are very opposite people. I suppose this is why we have so much fun together. Opposites attract.

Bree is very fashion conscious, I am...not. I am more into comfort than fashion and Bree was wearing high heals at 8 months pregnant with TWINS! Just take a look at the picture of her (which I stole from her facebook) of when she went in to deliver her babies last April. She looks more like she is headed to the prom with her hair piled high in curls atop her head and makeup compete with eyeliner. Bree is always put together so well.

Not only is she very fashionable, she is also very creative (which again...I am not hahah) Bree has always had a flair for design, color, form, function. She recently started an event business and is currently working on a degree in business at BYU-I so she can become licensed and operating etc.

She also has an Etsy profile. Which I absolutely do not. If I decided to get an Etsy profile, I would probably have to sell things I bought at Walmart lol. She is crafty in her mind and with her hands.

So today when I got home, imagine the thrill I had to get a package from Ms. Creativity herself! I open up the package and find this onesie (only mine was red and black and white), and a beautiful pink flower headband! Not only was I excited because my baby girl will look so darling in the headband and the onesie...but also because it highlights what Bree and I DO have in common...We love to travel the world in any way shape or form.

Bree went to Paris in the fall of 06 after I had gone the previous spring. I always think of Paris when I think of Bree and I think this is such a cute onesie for my little kicker!

She is such a great friend and talented woman! So thoughtful and amazing!

So if you are like me and you lack that creative flare, or you are not like me and you are seeking someone to do an event with contemporary modernism.. here are some links for you to connect to a very talented woman: (coming soon to an internet near you) (I think this was the old one, but still an idea for you to see before the new one comes out) (For updates on what she is doing...and events)
htto:// (for fun creative gifts like the one you see here)

Thanks Bree, you are awesome!!

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Bree Johnson said...

you are amazing my dear! I cried when I read this. Really I miss you tons-and opposites do attract. Can't wait to see that cute little bundle with her headband or onesie on. Thank you for this little tribute you are way to sweet!