Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I am getting so anxious to meet this little girl. For a long time, I wondered how I could ever love her as much as I love Hannah, and I would even get sad thinking about me and Hannah going through a transitional period where our relationship would change, where I would have to share Hannah with Paige and she would have to share me with Paige. I'm sure it's natural, I've heard it from lots of moms.

Now with only 9 weeks left until my due date I'm getting so anxious for time to speed up so I can finally hold her. She is so different from Hannah. She moves differently. She moves a lot more, but she moves differently, more aggressively. I KNOW I won't make it to my due date but I HOPE I make it to September. I have an induction date in my mind, September 4th. Adam has a ticker that tells us how many days until September 4th. I think we are down to 53?

This weekend Adam and I pulled out all our baby stuff, including clothes, a bassinet, swings, etc. I washed everything and put it in the drawers. I remembered when Hannah wore the same clothes, I got stoked. I bought a brand new diaper bag which is going to be awesome! We are looking at double strollers, a new car seat, etc. I'm getting EXCITED!

Because I am neurotic and weird I have already written out Hannah's schedule, her likes and dislikes, her habits...just in case I go into labor before my mom is able to make it out. I even wrote down her favorite hair styles so that my friends can do her hair while I'm in the hospital. I don't like to burden people by needing them to watch my kid but I've got fantastic friends that I feel confidant I can call in the middle of the night if needed to drop Hannah off to, and trust them to take care of her. Chelsea even said that she would make sure her hair was done and she looked cute :)

So we'll wait patiently for you Baby Paige (or Baby Peach as Hannah says) There are only 8 weeks until September 4th so hang in there as long as you can! We aren't going anywhere!


Georgia said...

Wow, this is an exciting time for you, Adam, Hannah and new baby, Paige! What a good Mom you are (I know I say that all the time, but it is true) getting all of Hannah's things prepared and making lists of favorites--just in case.

I believe you will be awed at how you don't split your love between two or more children, it just expands and makes more room the newer additions. I remember being concerned about that too, but the love in the home just grows with each new child who comes into it, not only from the parents, but from the siblings too. Its a great plan someone very wise put in place for us!

Lesley said...

That would be so awesome if baby Paige comes on Sept. 4! I'm so excited for all of you.