Monday, July 18, 2011

Love Story Part 2: Getting to Know You

After our first official meeting I admit I thought about Adam Turney more than once in a 24 hour period. He'd left quite an impression (specifically his smile) on me. I ended up looking him up on the student website so I could study his picture.

The next day I went to my Teachings of the Living Prophets class in the Hinkley building. As I walked down the stairs I noticed a familiar face. I suddenly got really nervous. I honestly thought "Oh my gosh, does he know I stalked him on the computer last night?" I also thought, "There is no way he would remember me or my name." I tried to plot the least awkward way to both acknowledge that I know him in a way that wouldn't make it seem like I remembered him at all...yeah.

Luckily there was no need, he smiled up at me *GASP* and said something that sounded a lot like someone talking underwater as I tried to gather my thoughts. He remembered me (gee whiz, of course he remembered me, we had a three hour lab class together then went out to lunch right after and it was less than 24 hours ago). We stopped for a little chit chat, at one point he mentioned that he'd gone home and looked up my picture (Oh great, I totally had a "Buzz your girlfriend...woof" moment when I was taking that picture) and he'd also looked up the Beach Boys music because I'd mentioned that it really set the tone for my summers. So...he had been thinking of me too.

I can't express enough what a fabulous lab group I had. They were awesome. I am not the most scientific person in the whole world. I told them that from the start. They never made me feel bad about it but they let me participate as much as I wanted (which was pretty much fetching the lab materials from the back while they did the actual science part) but never made me feel insignificant. At some point, Adam or Ben mentioned we had a huge final project (which made me super nervous) and we should probably get started on it. I invited them to my apartment on Friday to discuss the possibilities.

Friday came and Adam and Ben came over. I don't know what we did or talked about but talking about our science project was NOT one of the topics of conversation. My cell phone started to ring and I didn't recognize the number on my phone. I am pretty sure I ignored it. The phone started to ring again, same number and this time I answered it. It was Adam. He'd seen my number on the whiteboard that my roomates and I left messages on and thought he'd be sooo funny and call me. I saved his number in my phone and apparently he did too. I also got Ben's number and we vowed that next time we got together, we'd actually discuss our project.

Embarrassing moment alert: after they left I was watching TV and grabbed one of the pillows to lean on. It was the one Adam had been sitting on and OH. MY. GOSH. It smelled so good. I admit that I sat and smelled that pillow over and over and over until every last bit of scent had been sniffed out and my dignity was hanging by a thread.

Despite the fact that I was completely attracted to Adam (and his delicious smell) I was not interested in him, believe it or not. After all I HAD a boyfriend. That's right, I was writing to my boyfriend Drew who had left on his mission nearly 6 months earlier. I had written him every week, longed for him, missed him, talked to his mother on a near daily basis, and had a billion pictures of him in my room. Adam was just a fun distraction. Eye candy. You know..."A person you could talk to....a person who cares, a person to give a shoulder to cry on, while the boy I love is gone for two whole years...." Yeah. We all know how that song turns out.

I should also mention that Adam dated. A lot. Every opportunity. When you are one of two guys in the whole Elementary Education program, you take advantage of all the beautiful women. This first picture is the girl that Adam was interested in when we met. Katie. Remember her. When Adam got home from his mission he immediately began his search for "the future Mrs. Turney" as he always put it. He estimates he dated a total of around 45-50 girls in the short 2.5 years home from his mission before he met me. He constantly surrounded himself by women, and in the short few days that I'd known him, he constantly TALKED about girls, dating, who he was interested in, who he would eventually marry. It was pretty tiresome actually. I wondered what he would be like if he actually got a girlfriend...would he have anything to say? So even if I HAD been interested in him, I didn't stand a chance. He was dating a new girl every weekend. That is a lot of competition.


Bea said...

You did not have any competition.
And you still don't. :o)
That is a pretty wild shirt Adam is wearing in the bottom picture. AND.....
how cum you still have all those pictures :o)

Mariella said...

I thought the first girl was you at first...only because I knew I would have a lot of pictures to go through so I was scanning them pretty quickly :) BUT, absolutely no competition...none of those girls look as perfect for Adam as you do :) AND, none of them are anywhere near as cute as you are!

I do like the picture of him sitting with 4 other girls...I'm assuming he's not on a date with all of them at the same time :)