Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love Story Part 8: Being Engaged

For most people the engagement period is a fun, albeit stressful, romantic time spent planning your future together. Not for us.

Three weeks after our engagement Adam and I were driving to the airport to say goodbye for five long months while I was teaching English in Russia. It was HARD saying goodbye to the guy I'd spent every day with for the past 8 months, who I had chosen to spend ETERNITY with...and now I was leaving him.

I won't say much about this time because it was pretty lame to be away from him. I will say that when we were finally reunited on June 7th it was a very happy day. With our wedding just two months away there was a lot to do. My mom had taken care of most of the planning.

This is when real life started staring us in the face. We were preparing to move to Las Vegas, consolidating bank accounts, and working hard. I was working at Leger's Deli where my cousin had generously given me a job during the day and Dairy Queen at night. Adam was working not too far away at an elementary school by day and Chuck E. Cheese at night. Yep. As the day approached Adam took Temple preparation classes with me. I was living with my Grandparents in Bountiful and Adam was living in Draper with some roomates. The days ticked on and on.

One funny moment happened about three weeks before the wedding. I didn't mention that the ring Adam proposed with was a small band with diamonds around it, a "temporary ring" so that I could go to Russia and not worry about having it lost or stolen. When we got home, together we picked a ring and had it designed to our specifications. Finally it was ready and between my two jobs Adam and I were registering at Target when he knelt down in the middle of target and pretended to propose to me with the new ring. It was beautiful but passers by might have thought it was a little cheesy to propose in target. Luckily he hadn't.

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