Sunday, July 31, 2011

Love Story Part 7: Will You?

On January 3rd 2006 Adam and I were in Utah getting ready to attend my cousin's wedding. Adam and I were planning on traveling together to the Salt Lake Temple and wait outside while Becky and Joe got married. It's about an hour drive, and Adam wanted to leave early.

As we left we were both nervous. I was pretty certain TODAY would be the day I would get engaged. It had been about five days since I'd told him he could ask me to marry him. Before we got to Salt Lake, we got to Layton....

Adam had always joked that the next time he took me to eat at Red Robin (his favorite restaurant) I should start to prepare myself for the question to be popped. It was probably 10am in the morning...way to early for burgers and I knew something was up. I ate nervously.

We left Red Robin (yeah, we didn't get engaged at R.R. that would have been less than romantic) and continued on our journey but we didn't make it to Salt Lake again...Adam took an exit in Bountiful and we started to climb the hill towards a very special place to me.

BACK TRACK: I spent my earliest years living in Bountiful before moving up to Pleasant View. I'll always think of Pleasant View as my home, but there was one thing in Bountiful that really meant a lot. The Bountiful Temple. I remember what a HUGE deal it was when it was announced, that Bountiful would have a temple. My parents were so excited. We visited the temple many times as it was being built on the hill, and when it was finally completed we got tickets to the open house. For those of you who may not know what the temple signifies in the LDS church, the temple is a very sacred, beautiful place where we make and keep sacred covenants with God. The highest ordinance that can be preformed in the temple is a temple sealing, the marriage ceremony, where we are sealed for all eternity. Hence my blog name E*Turney*Ty. Family is a central part of God's plan and so we believe the most sacred thing you can do is to be married in the temple, and each child that comes into your family in the coming years is also sealed to the couple. So not only were Adam and I sealed on that day, but when Hannah joined our family she was "born under the covenant" and therefore automatically sealed to us and part of our eternal family. Paige is also a part of our eternal family, and any child who is born hereafter.

Because the Temple is such a sacred place, it takes preparation and maturity to be able to go inside. In order to hold a temple recommend, you must have two interviews by priesthood holders, and you must already have entered into the baptismal covenant in order to preform the other sacred ordinances. However, before a temple is dedicated the church opens it up to the public so that they may tour the building. I was able to go with my parents when I was 8 years old and tour the Bountiful temple LONG before I held a temple recommend. I remember how BEAUTIFUL it was. My parents and I sat in the bridal room of the temple for the dedication. I don't remember if it was before, or after the dedication but my mom gave me a CTR (chose the right) ring to wear to remind me that if I made good choices and kept myself clean and pure than I could be here one day being married to the man I loved. I took it very literally and from that moment on I KNEW I wanted to be sealed in the Bountiful temple.

Fast forward twelve years and there we were, at the Bountiful temple. Adam grabbed my hand and led me onto the grounds. I still did not hold a temple recommend, I had not been inside since that day when I was 8, but I felt such a happiness and peace as we walked around the grounds. We sat right in front of the temple and Adam pulled a photo album from his suit. He told me he wanted to read me a story, a love story. As he flipped through the photo album, full of pictures of us he told me the story of a boy who had searched to find his perfect match, and upon finally finding her had to fight for her affection. He talked about how no matter what, he wanted the story to end and begin with the temple so they could be married for eternity. Of course I have ugly cry face on  but the last picture was the Bountiful temple. As I sat at the edge of the fountain, Adam got down on his knees and pulled out a ring that he'd picked out. He asked me if I would marry him. Of course through my ugly cry face I said yes and we kissed.

We spent some more time together at the temple then rushed off to the Salt Lake temple which was just 15 or 20 minutes away to be there when Becky and Joe would be walking out of the temple. I just had one request....that we not tell anyone about our engagement on Becky's special day. We kept that resolve for the most part, I pulled my aunts aside individually and told them the good news but asked them not to say anything. That night we celebrated in Salt Lake at Marie Calendars for pie with both our future in laws.

That night we went to Park City to prepare for a couple days of skiing (yikes!) which were a lot of fun. It was a great time spent with his family, one of my favorites that I will never forget.

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