Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese

Hannah loves Chuck E. Cheese. She started talking about it recently so Adam took her on a Daddy daughter date last week. She loved it and hasn't stopped talking about it since. We had some left over tokens so I went with Jen and her boys today (Tuesday). I found out just how smart my daughter is.

First of all, when we turned on to Grand Canyon Hannah recognized it as the road to Chuck E Cheese. I was planning on surprising her by just pulling up but as soon as we turned onto Grand Canyon Hannah started saying "Yay, I go Chuck E Cheeeeeese!"

She had a blast, she kept asking for "More moneys," and when all our tokens were used up we left. She carried a few tickets with her for a couple hours because she was so proud.

Tonight she asked Adam "I go Chuck E. Cheese in morning?" Adam told her no, that we can't go more than once a week because it will cost lots of money. Then came the real shocker:

"I go Chuck E. Cheese Wednesday?"

This is the first indication that she is starting to understand days of the week. Since we've had so many things to look forward to I've been trying to tell her the day things are happening like "We go to the park on Wednesday," or "We go to the museum on Friday." I don't know if she just came up with Wednesday or she really knew that tomorrow is Wednesday (we talked a lot about today being Tuesday).

Of course after that Adam said no and she suggested "Daddy take Mommy Chuck E. Cheese tomorrow...I go too."

Oh Boy.

She's also been asking to go see fireworks again...Here are a few precious pictures from our 4th of July festivities. The fireworks show was about 40 minutes long and started two hours after her bed time. She loved playing with the sand on the beach at Mandalay Bay and wore herself out...nevertheless, she hung in until the very very end so she could see allllll the fireworks.

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Georgia said...

Those are some sleepy eyes at the fireworks, but even with the most sleepy eyes, she still doesn't miss a thing does she?

Cute pictures, fun post!