Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our special little world

I love being a mom. I'm so grateful that at this time I am able to stay at home with Hannah and not have to worry about going to work or babysitters/daycare. I know eventually I will go back to work and that will be a great time of life as well, but for now I'm enjoying being one half of a really special world.

Hannah and I love to go on adventures every day. Each week is filled with some variation of going to the park, going swimming, going to the library, and any other number of adventures like Chuck E Cheese, Lied Children's Museum, Pump it Up, etc. We also love to stay home and read books, play with friends and toys, and color. Our world is so simple right now.

I have started to appreciate my mom more. My mom was always taking us to the park, the library, the zoo, the children's museum, nature walks, even little trips to the airport so we could watch the planes fly. My mom was always trying to expand our minds and our world by just a few degrees at a time. She started a neighborhood playgroup where every two weeks we'd go somewhere fun like Cherry Hill or Fort Bueno ventura (sp?). I can appreciate now the efforts that she took to give us really enjoyable summers and magical childhoods.

When Paige comes our little world will have to expand a little, and will probably slow down a lot. I've been doing these daily adventures with Hannah since she was about 8 months old, but that was just one baby, now I'll have two. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic will shift. I'm sure Hannah will be happier having a sibling to enjoy. I know it will be a lot busier but I'm sure excited to have Paige join our family!

For the next two months I'll just enjoy our simple little world of going to the park, the library, and experiencing life through the eyes of a two year old.

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Georgia said...

I love visiting your world through your blog and facebook posts! It is a magical and wonderful place. I know Paige can hardly wait to join in the fun of adventures, learning and being loved there.

Your Mom is an amazing lady and an incredible Mother. What a great example you've had and what a great example you are!