Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mom and Dad Go On A Date

Author: Adam Turney

It has been wonderful having my dad home from Iraq. Everyone in the family has loved the joy of seeing his happy face around the house and now we are all able to relax knowing that he is home safe.

Within a week of arriving home he has an exciting couple of weeks planned. First my mom and dad stopped in Las Vegas to stay with us (mostly to see Hannah) and go see the "Donny & Marie Osmond" show. Then they will drive up to Utah to attend 3 sessions of General Conference, and then to Park City for a week of skiing and relaxing.

Since attending the Donny & Marie show was going to be their first date in over a year I felt like it should be an extra special experience. I felt like they deserved more than being able to sit and watch Donny and Marie sing and dance on stage. I contacted the Harrah's company and asked them for a special favor. I explained that my father had just returned from being stationed in Iraq for a year and going to the show was going to be their first date since he left. I asked if they could do something special to recognize the sacrifice that he made to serve our country. I did not get a response to my email so I figured nothing was going to happen. Boy was I wrong.

My parents purchased floor tickets (a good view and expensive, but nothing too fancy) but were directed to a seat at the very front, right next to the stage. They were handed VIP laminate passes and instructed that they needed to remain in their seats after the show so they could go with a group to the Meet & Greet. They were confused because they purchased floor seats but they were being showered with all this extra attention. They absolutely loved the experience and were able to get high fives from Donny as he sang and came near their seats. After the show they followed the group and went backstage, met Donny and Marie, and had their photos taken.

It made my day to know that I was able to do something special for my parents. I love seeing them being able to live one of their dreams. My mom said that this experience allowed her to check another item off of her "bucket list." They even brought me an autographed photo of Marie Osmond that I will have to put somewhere special.

This was a great way to start their vacation and a memory I am sure they will not soon forget. I am glad I could be part of it.


Margie said...

Cute pictures. What a fun experience for your mom and dad!!

Bea said...

Way to go Adam!!! you are to be commended and deserve a gold star on your forehead :o)

Lesley said...

Adam, what a good son you are. That is so awesome!!! I'm so happy that your dad is home too; and safe. I hope they are enjoying their week together. They deserve it!!

Adam said...

Thanks, I have always tried to give back to my parents because they gave me so much growing up.