Friday, March 4, 2011

"Hi Baby"

Hannah is already a great big sister. She is always kissing and patting my tummy and asking about baby.

Today we went in for a check up and had a little scare. The Dr. couldn't find a heart beat so he had to do an ultrasound to check what was going on in there.

Everything was fine. The little bean jumped and wiggled and moved the whole time. At one point he/she was waving their arms around and the Dr. said "look Hannah, the baby is saying hi to you," Hannah, who had been mesmerized as the Dr. pointed out the babies toes, eyes, arms, and legs started waving back and said "hi baby." Then she turned around and gave me a big kiss which told me that she knew something special was happening (although I'm sure she'll be shocked come September when we bring a baby home haha).

It was a very tender interaction between the two siblings.

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Georgia said...

This was so sweet. That little Hannah will be such an amazing big sister! She is such a character and I love the stories you tell about her (written and photographic).

I remember how happy Kevin was to be having a new baby come to our house. He brought me everything he owned and kept saying, "The baby can have my blanket; The baby can have my toys, The baby can sleep in my bed, etc." I love thinking back to those magical times of having little children in my home. It goes so, so quickly--enjoy every second!