Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Angels kept my baby safe today

I don't even know how to start this post. I had such a traumatizing experience today that I don't think I can fully comprehend the situation yet.

Today we went to the park like we do every Wednesday. We got there pretty early and my friends had not arrived yet. It was just me, Hannah, and a dad with his two little boys. Hannah likes to walk up the steps and look at the swimming pool water. I was watching her, and I had a random mom thought. I wondered, if she was able to slip under the gate somehow I wouldn't be able to reach her because all the gates are locked (the pool is closed until June). I thought that I'd just have to climb over the fence and hope that my other baby would be safe inside me as I jumped over.

Hannah was walking in the bushes along the fence and I was at the other end of the park watching her walk. My view wasn't perfect but I could see her well enough. Suddenly, it looked like she was swinging to the other side. I realized that the always locked gate was shutting behind her and I was on my feet running as fast as I could.

Unfortunately, Hannah shut the gate behind her and it latched locked as it should have been in the first place. I was screaming for her to stay by the gate but she was just drawn to the water. I was shaking the gate trying to get it open, yelling at Hannah to come back to the gate. Adrenaline kicked in and flip flop wearing, 15 week pregnant me somehow climbed up over the fence.

In the picture you can see a little concrete wall that I used to boost myself up, then I swung my leg over. the top and jumped down. The dad who was at the park was already ready to jump over in case he was needed but my instincts kicked in and I went flying over that fence and got to Hannah who was squatting on the edge of the pool.

My whole body felt numb. The whole thing felt like a nightmare--my child was in danger and there was nobody with access to her. I was separated by a locked gate and for a split second I felt helpless as I shook the gate and realized that I could not reach my child who was heading for danger.

Luckily, my friend Jen was getting to the park with her boys, she heard me yelling for Hannah and went right over by the pool and I was able to hand Hannah over to her (to safety!) and then climb over again (although it took me a minute to figure out how I was going to get back over).

I think I'm still in shock because I didn't cry until about an hour later and even now my heart is racing and I think I need to just calm down and say a prayer of gratitude for the angels watching out for my baby who helped carry me over that fence.

P.S. the clubhouse was made aware of the situation by both me and Jen and I will be checking the gates each time I go to the park now.


Bea said...

Our prayers were answered.
I hope you get over the shock and everything is fine. Interesting how you figured out what to do before you realized you needed to.

Stephanie said...

I think Heavenly Father was on your side from that beginning! I have had a couple things like that happen not always so big where it's just a thought and then pow. I'm SO glad you were in tune with the spirit so that Hannah was kept safe. Love you! I'm so glad Hannah is safe (as well as baby Turney)

jonandalicia said...

Oh my gosh, that is so so scary! I am so greatful that all 3 of you are alright! Poor Hannah, so innocent, she just wanted to see the water. Heavenly Father was definitely watching you guys!

Georgia said...

Guardian Angels are a reality--I have no doubts about their reality and some day perhaps we'll understand how diligent they watch over their charges.

In this case, you certainly were watching and caring carefully. I'm so grateful you were able to do what it took to get to Hannah and save her from the water. Scary, scary, scary.

When my baby brother, Mark, was in 1st grade (and I was a senior in high school) he technically drowned at a school swimming activity. He face was black when the life guard finally saw him on the bottom of the pool. I still have heart pangs and spasms whenever I think of that. Thank goodness he was seen and given mouth-to-mouth and now is an amazing husband and father of three. Angels play a greater role in our lives than we can imagine.

Tera Nelson said...

TERRIFYING! So glad that nothing happened!