Friday, March 25, 2011


It has been proposed that next year in Nevada teachers will lose 8 percent of their salary, there will be a freeze on all future pay increases for experience and educational advancement, and teacher will have to pay up to 6 percent more into their retirement/insurance benefits. Not only that, but nearly 2,000 teachers will lose their jobs.

Perfect timing...since we have a baby on the way and Adam is just completing his degree which will allow him to move up on the pay scale.

Lots of people are happy about it. One commenter who called themselves "taxpayer" said " Yay! We get to fire 2000 overpaid teachers!" Last I checked I'm a taxpayer too...People are complaining that taxes should not be raised to compensate for the budget crisis in Nevada, and are more than happy to use the teachers as the state's ATM...but wouldn't a small increase in taxes benefit the quality of life? Last I checked, it is NOT beneficial for Nevadans to send their 4th graders to a class of 40, and class size increase is just one of the many cuts that will be made within the classroom including a 25 percent cut in supplies (hello, they are already skimping on supplies).

I just feel tired reading about all this. I don't know what our future holds. This is not the first time our salary has been cut, in fact, each year cuts are made and we lose.

We just have to have faith and continue to work hard and do what we know Heavenly Father wants us to do. Then at least if we don't have money, we'll have peace :)

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Melinda said...

I totally feel your pain-especially being pregnant too, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle because no matter what we do to fight this junk being thrown at education, the law makers keep pushing stuff through, and your title says it all, I'm just tired. I feel like I can't sit back and do nothing, yet at the same time I feel like crawling under a rock and pretending it doesn't exist. I've also felt the same way about just doing what we know to be right so if nothing else we have peace. I guess that's the only way to look at it sometimes.