Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pregnancy #2 a TMI post =)

Last night I was contemplating pregnancy and how each one is unique like each child. It has been interesting going through a second pregnancy and watching those changes occur.

It is mostly the same. Like Hannah, we were lucky enough to get pregnant right away, no months of lingering suspense. I was riddled with morning sickness and I popped out further than I think a normal pregnant woman should look at any given time haha. Other than that it has been interesting to note the changes.

First of all, the first month I was SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER emotional...like win an Oscar for the best bi-polar actress award. I was all over the place which was way different than with Hannah when I felt like nothing could make me cry. The first month was the worst but I get really emotional over everything now, and even cried when I read a description of a blond haired blue eyed girl in a book because I was thinking about my dear child.

The morning sickness felt worse this time. I don't know if it was just because I forgot how it felt the first time (thus, I got pregnant again...if I had remembered I probably wouldn't have). Smells were worse and I can't even talk about certain memories because even now I feel my stomach churn trying not to think about what I can't think about lol. The happy news was that the brunt of it ended MUCH sooner. I was expecting to feel that 'face-in-the-toilet' feeling for at least another month, and although I still throw up it is few and far between.

I have been getting splitting headaches! I wake up with them, I go to sleep with them....I know that many women get headaches the second trimester but I never did with Hannah so it is different but you know what? ANYTHING is better than the blasted morning sickness.

My spine hurts. That happened much sooner than last time.

I look like I did at 6 months pregnant but I am only 4 months pregnant.

I felt the baby move much sooner. It always puts a smile on my face.

I am more grateful and excited for welcoming a new baby this time because I know all the joy it brings.

I am more anxious and dreading labor pains because I know how excruciating they are.

I feel like it is a girl. At first in my mind it was a boy but now I feel like it is our P.L.T. coming to join the family. Last time although I was very diplomatic and insisting that I didn't care either way what I was having I really wanted a girl so bad. This time I am honestly telling the truth when I say I don't care either way because if I have a boy then the pressure is off, I have both genders, I have a new experience and I am happy, if it is a girl I am ready for that, plus Hannah will get a little sister and I remember what it felt like to get a little sister, it was one of the happiest moments in my life.

All in all, pregnancy is pregnancy. I have it pretty easy as far as it all goes. I'm happy to be pregnant (I cannot say that for the life of me while I am going through morning sickness) and I am happy to be 16 weeks along and not 13 or 9...although I still have five months left the best is yet to come and I'll enjoy every moment!

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Lesley said...

My first pregnancy was the only one I really was ever sick with morning sickness. Throwing up 12 + times a day for many months. Now almost 34 years later... when I recently thought of a record album (you know, the flat, round, black, big disc that plays music) that I got for my b-day the summer that I was newly pregnant, I felt sick when I thought of the music. 34 years later!!! Morning sickness has a lasting impression on our minds :-(

What is P.L.T?