Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thats just Wong.

As you can see from my last post Hannah was we decided to ask for a priesthood blessing. We looked in our church directory for the Elders Quorum Presidency because we still don't know very many people in our ward and we don't know who our home teachers are supposed to be. We were going to call the EQP but decided to call the Secretary brother Wong who we discovered lives just down the street. This is the conversation that was had:

Adam: Brother Wong this is Adam Turney. My daughter Hannah is very sick and I was wondering if you would be able to come over for a blessing to anoint her.
Brother Wong: Who is this
Adam: Adam Turney from the Ward
Brother Wong: From Work?
Adam: The Ward
Brother Wong: The war?
Adam: The waaaarrrrrDDDDDDD
Brother Wong: Oh ok....Yeah I just got home from work and I'm very tired so I don't think I can come over but if it is alright I'd like to do it over the phone. What is her name? Hannah?
Adam: I'm pretty sure you have to be here for that.
Brother Wong: No Its ok I do it all the time "Oh Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven...God take this child and wrap her in your arms...squeeze this sickness out of her...bless her body...squeeze the sickness out and heal her...[Imagine another three minutes of this]Oh Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven...AM EUH N! " (not just amen it was aMEUHn)
Adam:....Ok thanks....
Brother Wong: We are in the LAST DAYS and I pray for the world...I pray for the earth. God can take me any time...he didn't take me in Vietnam but he can take me now. God is good.
Adam:...Ok thanks (hangs up)
Adam:(to me) Yeah I don't think that was Brother Wong...

Sure enough we had the Wong number :)

We appreciated his efforts but we ended up getting the EQP =)

Hannah is much better and we are continuing the treatment of the albuterol and whatever other medicine we got (something similar which helps with the bronchial infection.

We appreciate every prayer during the RSV stuff =( It isn't fun but we know that she is being watched over.


Brad and Stephanie said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!! Wow...

Lilian said...

Oh Marisa... you make me raf out roud! Dis was funniest ting I reed in rong time.

Archie said...

ROFL! Great story. Hope Hannah recovers swiftly.

Marivic said...

Laugh out loud funny!!!! But of course, that has to be the wong Brother Wong. Wong is not a Vietnamese name :-) although those Asians all look the same (I can say that cuz I'm one and can't get in trouble like Brother Reid ha-ha!) We do have to give Brother Wong credit for doing the wight thing and praying for Hannah :-)

BTW, I hope Hannah gets better soon. Poor baby!

Melissa said...

Marivic we don't even think that his name was Wong--we have a suspicion that he couldn't hear 70 percent of what Adam was saying lol so he was referring to being a vet of Vietnam not a citizen. It was pretty funny! We appreciated his thoughtful gesture even though it wasn't quite what we were looking for lol

Lilian said...

Melissa, I thought you'd like to know I read this entry to everyone at work. They all got such a kick out of it that they all wanted me to print it out and copy it for them to keep.

Lesley said...

Great story. I copied and pasted Adam's phone conversation and sent it to my friend in an e-mail. One day I'll have to tell you about her experience when she posted a similar post on her non-private blog. Not a happy outcome.

Georgia said...

This was very funny and oh so cute. But you have to appreciate every single prayer and good wish when you have a sick baby, even those from strangers and those prayers that are a little bit on the strange side.