Friday, January 29, 2010

A Gift From Adam

Some of you may have noticed that I have been posting book reviews. "Oh," you may say, "Melissa is getting into reading." After all, I've incorporated a gadget on my sidebar tracking the books that I am currently reading, and books I have completed this year. So far in the month of January I have completed 3 books and I'm on to another.

This is not a new development. I love reading. It has always been a passion of mine and in recent years I have been unable to read as much as I've wanted to. I have found some good series and read some fantastic books in the last three years but I haven't been able to do read as I have wanted. The audio book is something I have enjoyed (especially after I got honked at for reading New Moon at red lights) and has helped me to continue to listen to good literature (once at Wells Fargo I spent three days with my Ipod in my ear with my hair covering the earbud and the wire taped to the back of my neck).

When we moved we had no proper book case for our home and for the past several months my precious books have been hidden in boxes revisited only occasionally. A few weeks ago Adam decided to go out and buy a book case for our little friends so they could come out and play. Thanks to Adam I have a beautiful book case which sits at the top of our stairs. I'm afraid that I will fall down the stairs one of these days because I keep looking back at how great it looks.

I asked Adam for a favor as well. I asked him if he would buy me a book every month with his own ushering money so that we can continue to increase our library. He agreed (although this month he ended up buying 11 books for him, Hannah, and me).


Stephanie said...

I love the book case it's just like what we have been looking for! You'll have to tell me where he got it. I understand you love for reading too! I am the same way although I haven't done the ipod at work ;) I finished The Book Thief last night so I'm off to find a new book to read!

Melissa said...

I actually got my book case at Target for about 60 dollars...not too shabby! We didn't want to go with the giant one but when we got home we were afraid we might need to because not all of our books fit but we decided we could always get another one for our bedroom or our office. I'm glad you read The Book Thief! What did you think?

Georgia said...

Yeah for reading! You've read or listed to read quite a number of my favorite books. I started a book club here in PV four years ago after trying to attend my Bountiful Book Club for several years (missing more than hitting the monthly meetings). I will have to email you the lists of our books for the last four years and our new one for 2010. We just finished reading Life of Pi and My Life in France by Julia Child. I can HIGHLY recommend both of them.

BobN said...

Very nice. And the picture above it is great too!