Friday, January 29, 2010

{Baby Blue Eyes}

When Adam and I would talk about the little baby growing inside we never even considered the possibility of any eye color other than brown/hazel. In fact, Adam often lamented that she would have "plain old boring brown eyes." I like my brown eyes so it didn't matter to me if Hannah had brown eyes too.

When she was born she had navy blue eyes just like every other baby. We just kept waiting for them to change and after about three months of waiting we began to hope that she would be blessed with beautiful blue eyes.

Not very many people on either side of the family has blue eyes. I'm glad that my Hannah can share the recessive trait with a few special people. My Granpa Alan has blue eyes along with my Grandma Phyllis (Dad's dad; Mom's mom) and then her Uncle Sean has blue eyes. Her Uncle Addison has blue eye...(one is green) and so Hannah is with a good group of people.

When Hannah was born and they handed her to me, staring into her beautiful eyes was the most joyful reward after nine months of waiting. She looked at me calmly, serenely. She was very alert for the first two hours after birth (until she decided it was time to sleep) and kept looking around the room with those big eyes. Now it has been six months since I looked into those eyes for the first time. Every day those blue eyes search wildly trying to drink in every new experience. Her blue eyes make her unique but it is the curiosity behind those big blue eyes that make me love them.

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Margie said...

I love Hannah's blue eyes. They are so beautiful and are the window to her soul. I remember what Hannah looked like when the doctor handed her to you. She was so calm and she looked at you so knowly as though she knew you were her mommy. She is a doll. We tried to call you last night so we could Skype and see you guys, but you weren't home. Lets try to do it today if you can. Okay?!