Friday, January 8, 2010

Sick Baby

Today someone told me to take Hannah to the Doctor.

Hannah woke up on Tuesday with a bad cold. She had a low grade fever Tuesday night which was taken care of with some children's Tylenol.

I don't want to be one of those mommy's that jump at every little cough or sneeze so I took care of her as best as I could--making sure she got extra sleep and fluids and snuggling in bed with her as much as I could ;)

I didn't want to call the Dr. for a cold.

Thursday she started getting a little raspy when she would breath. I figured it was normal, that I would just watch her and wondered if there was anything the Dr. could do for a cold. I decided she was fine because she's been her happy self and we've had no more fevers or problems.

Friday came and the rasping turned into more of a wheezing and I got really concerned but I told Adam we'd be fine and he could take our car. I'd just keep her home and if she started to be fussy or got a fever then I'd call the Dr.

I was in the shower and something told me that I needed to take her to the Doctor so as soon as I got out I made an apt. and called a friend to take us to the pediatrician.

As soon as Dr. Dani saw Hannah he got concerned and told the nurse to check her immediately for RSV and to check her Oxygen flow.

Her oxygen was at 96% (he was absolutely shocked it was so high by the sound of her chest and back) and she came back positive for RSV. I was so sad and I probably would have cried for her if my friend hadn't been there. I felt like I needed to keep it together for her.

The sad part was when they came out with the breathing machine. We were sent home with one and instructions to give her two different medicines (one 2 times daily, the other every four hours) inside the machine. She hated it and it was hard to restrain her and keep the mask on her face (that is when I almost broke down) but she was breathing much better after that.

We have another apt. tomorrow to determine if she needs to go to the hospital and if not we have a check up on Monday. Please send prayers our way :(

I am grateful for insurance, for a great pediatrician that I trust, for a fat baby whose size makes sickness a lot safer :) and most importantly for the whispering of the Holy Ghost to guide and direct a new inexperienced mommy to take care of her sweet baby.


Mariella said...

Awww, I know what you mean about not wanting to be "one of those moms". Sending prayers your way so your sweet little munchkin gets better soon. BTW, I loved the part where you called her a fat little baby. It made me laugh out loud! I hope she gets better soon and that you guys don't need to go to the hospital.

Georgia said...

I'm so sorry little Hannah is ill. All of our prayers and best wishes are sent to you and baby Hannah for a speedy recovery.

That whispering of the Holy Ghost and the heavenly instinct given to mothers have saved many children including mine. After we nearly lost newborn Kevin, I decided that nurses and others who refer to new mothers as 'worriers' or 'paranoid' won't every make me risk a life again.

Lesley said...

I want to cry when I look at Hannah's sweet picture with the oxygen mask... but so grateful to live in times when our children and babies can overcome such illnesses as RSV. You're a good Mom, and I second what Georgia said; Mom's know... I have experienced that first hand.

Brad and Stephanie said...

My first experience like that was kind of the opposite. It was about two days of throwing up and I just knew in my gut that it was not right for my four week old baby. After two visits to the doctor both times I was told I was just being paranoid and that it was spit up not throw up. So angry and afraid I went home knowing that I was indeed right that he was throwing up not spitting up and that he had lost a significant amount of weight. Brad and our bishop blessed him and we rushed him again to the instant care where I saw a new and inexperienced doctor who go figure was the first one to clue into the fact that my child was throwing up projectile vomit and indeed needed surgery and to be rushed to Primary Children's Hospital to save his life. So, in short I have a great testimony in mothers "intuition" as promptings from the spirit helping us to do our jobs and protect our sweet babies.