Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ding Dong--It's your Best Friend!

I think I've mentioned before that Rosalie Mastaler is one of my absolute best friends in this whole world (next to Adam of course). Rosalie and I met en route to Russia four years ago as two love sick fiances missing our men and bonded over the fact that we'd left them and would be married within a week of each other in August.

This girl is INCREDIBLE! Very talented and fun and I just love her.

Saturday night her and her cute sister in law surprised me by coming to Vegas to hang out for an all girl weekend! She called Adam and asked him to coordinate her arrival.

We HAD SO MUCH FUN! It meant so much to me that she would decide to make the three hour trek just to come see me and meet Hannah. This girl is incredible. She is the girl that despite her difficulty conceiving and her long trial with trying to have a baby threw me the most incredible baby shower ever! By the way she is 15 weeks pregnant!

How blessed I am to have such an amazing friend.

A little bit about Rosalie:

She is in a Swing Band called Phat Cat Sw!ngers: Singing and Playing the Keyboard
She works for the town of Apple Valley as an event coordinator
She teaches piano and voice lessons--she has a love of music and musicals
She is incredibly crafty--always creating something beautiful like a scrapbook or craft
She makes me participate in the crafts even though I'm craftarded
She is married to a police officer and is a great wife
She is a great daughter and daughter in law
She was a nanny in New York and considers it her second home
She loves to perform--in addition to her band she also participate in community theater
She can swing dance
She always forgets to charge her phone or loses her charger so our conversations often end abruptly.
She has a love for travel and is not afraid to do something new (Russia)
She has a love for Disney and will go to Disneyland once a week--twice if she can...and always calls me when she's on her way (rude)
She also got engaged in Disneyland in one of the coolest proposals ever...(See Picture)

Basically the day we came home from Russia she got a formal proposal at Disneyland. She wanted to sit by Michael but her brother made her sit by him. After they got off the ride Michael got down on his knee and gave her the picture he bough. Cute eh? Very original.

I just love this girl and I'm so grateful she is in my life! How lucky to have such a great bestie =)

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