Friday, January 15, 2010

Food Storage

I have been reading a fabulous book called The Book Thief about war torn Germany. In the book a small family takes in a foster daughter and hides a Jew. They have no money and all they eat for weeks on end is a watered down version of split pea soup.

I love this book and we discussed it last night at book club. The question presented itself "would you share your food storage with your neighbors?" Most said yes, a few said no. I sat there silently, guiltily...knowing that I have yet to start collecting any sort of food storage.

Someone said that basically they believe that we will have to share our food storage--that at a moments notice the bishop may call and say "bring everything you have to the ward and we are going to split it up." They said the first commandment is to GET IT and the second commandment is to SHARE IT.

So now I need to go get some food storage. My aunt Kathy was told by a friend "I may never live to see my food storage go to use, but gathering it is a testimony to my children, to my family that Jesus Christ will come again and that I will follow the teachings of the living prophets." Wow. I need to get on the ball.

So my question is--does anyone have any ideas, suggestions for starter items, cookbooks with food storage recipes, websites, books, that can help get me started?

I want to be prepared for when someone asks to share the food storage. I don't want to be someone who wasn't prepared to share what I have or who needs the help of others who have worked and prepared. This is how I can protect my family.


Margie said...

Remind me to e-mail you my food storage document. I also have some information you might be interested in. Just remember it is a process, so don't get discouraged. It takes time, but part of being obedient is working on it, even if it is a bottle of water at a time.

BobN said...

I hope your Stake has something semi-organized and there is a cannery or dry pack near you. It has been nice to go and be involved in packing our own stuff.

Definitely don't try to do everything at once, just get started and don't stop.

Joy Salmon said...

Keep an eye open for case lot sales and there is a cannery in vegas. I find that if I double what I buy normally on a few items (ie:soup cans) then it only comes to a few extra bucks every time you go grocery shopping and it slowly adds to your storage. Also remember to use and replenish your storage. If you find you haven't enjoyed something you put into storage change it up and make adjustments to your storage. I would say recipe wise to use and compile recipes that use groud-wheat, canned meats, etc... When you find recipes you love put them in sheet protectors and keep them in a binder titled food storage use. Of course you'll want everything the recipes require not only in your pantry but also in your food storage. Also something everyone tends to forget is the comfort food. When times are tough we need that little bit of extra comfort. Buy a pack of snack size chocolate bars (keep them cool) or have pb on hand... Always make sure you keep an eye on expiration dates too! Good luck! You wiLl be blessed for any and all efforts. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed... One thiong at a time :)