Saturday, June 20, 2009

You may notice the time...

It is 3:34 am and I am awake due to the position of my darling daughter. She has plopped her head right on my sciatic nerve and I wake up about five times a night to walk around, stretch, sit up, and wait for comfort. This will be a short post because the throbbing is almost gone.

I'm convinced that pregnancy is a blessing in the fact that it not only prepares you physically for labor and delivery with all the contractions and strengthening of muscles etc. It also prepares you for taking the baby home. I've become a pro at falling back to sleep after these bouts of painful awakenings. I'm sure I'll never ever sleep the same again...always with one eye open. Even my parents who are down to one child living at home I'm sure enjoy restless nights of worry...not only for my sister but for me and Sean as well...such as the time this week when my mom received a call she was sure happened to be a death notice from the Idaho state troopers which can be read about HERE or when my brother decided to make a foolish choice and ended up in a car accident last September which can be read about HERE...and then there is away from home for five years now, married with a baby on the way...and I even know to watch what I say when I tell my mom things like "I've been having contractions" (which are perfectly normal and healthy at this stage of pregnancy) as long as they are not frequent (they are not) painful (they are not) or timeable (they are not).

Tonight I was debating what I am going to name my daughter. What a hard decision. I thought it was difficult to come up with boys names but in the end I don't know how to decide. It seems like there is no perfect choice. I feel like there should be some moment when I can say (gasp) "That is IT!" but alas I haven't had that moment. Last night I was trying to zero in on a name. I think at this point Adam is really gunning for Sydney. Don't get me wrong, I really like the name, heck I was the one that suggested it! It is where Adam served his mission, it is cute and girly, and I've always really liked the name. I'm pretty sure I want the middle name after my sister, the aunt that wouldn't stop pestering me to get pregnant, the one who called me just a week before I told her that I was pregnant and begged me to tell her when I thought I would have a baby, the one who was DYING for a niece, my ONLIEST sister ever, and a great example to me and all around her. Adam's family (I believe his grandma started the tradition) is a family full of One letter families. It started with Kimberly (who had Dustin Denelle, Deanna, Denae, (oh man I'm forgetting a boy) and, Kelley (who had Kaleene, Kyler, Kavika, Kaanan) , and Kristine (who had Adam, Austin, Addison, Allie, Avery, Aubrey (p.s. did anyone else know the meaning of Aubrey is the Elfian King?!?! Just found that out). The kids even started it with Denelle who has Camrey and Carson but luckily Kaleene broke the tradition first (with Nicholas and Oliver). I was NEVER in my life going to do that...but I always thought if I did I would do S names like Sydney, Sarah, Sadie, Samantha, Sam, Spencer etc.

Part of the reason I loved Sydney is because I love names of places. That came from my very first favorite baby name Brooklyn. I decided on that name when I was 15 (unfortunatly Adam doesn't like it- thinks it sounds too harsh and not feminine enough). I thought I'd have a Brooklyn, a Sydney and perhaps a London (its less of a name more of a place where as the others can pass for names) I think Brooklyn and Sydney sound like sisters. I also like the name Paige and Paige also sounds like Sydney's sister. I like how Melissa and Megan sound like sisters without being too cutesie or out there.

I'm also real funny on spelling...she would HAVE to be Sydney and not Sidney or Sydnie...because we would be naming her after Sydney Australia. We both love the name Ashleigh/Ashley but I love the former spelling and Adam doesn't.

Well my spine finally feels like I can go back to sleep, it is now 4:05 am and I think I'm losing my mind...this is another post that contains random ramblings.

Oh and Samantha and Elizabeth are feeling too formal right can't call a grown woman Sammie and there are too many options with Elizabeth (with Ella and Ellie being my favorite).

I guess we'll just have to see her face when she is born. Maybe she'll look the most like a Howard.


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Melinda said...

I have a friend who named their little girl London (she's 3 or 4 now) and their boy (less than 1 yr) is Ashton. And with our Samantha, you can't call a grown woman Sammi, but you CAN call her Sam (like a girl in knew in high school). I also like the Ashleigh spelling of that name (met a girl in middle school with that spelling) and have an Aleigh (allie) in my band at school. Samantha was the ONLY name Cory and I could agree on and still IS the only name we like, so who knows what will happen when we have another! I've mulled over asking my mom for her class rosters of kinders and 1st graders for the past few years for ideas...and after reading those stories from your mom am convinced that I will never ever NOT be worried again in my life!

Lilian said...

Sydney Megan Turney?
Brooklyn Megan Turney?

Well, when you sound both of those out, Sydney sounds better. I perfer the spelling of Ashleigh... like your cousin. I LOVE London. In fact a couple in our ward just named their baby girl that.