Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of School...

For the past two and a half years Adam has been working at Tanaka Elementary school. He started off as an intervention specialist, went to third grade and moved up to fourth grade. During this time I've been involved with the school as well, but no more so than the past nine months.

Since I received my substitute license and fulfilled my practicum one requirement at Tanaka, I've been at the school nearly ever day since September. I've seen teachers and students come and go, I've fallen in love with my second grade friends, I've been involved in school functions and programs, and today I feel like crying.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the daily ripping of the calender in the teachers lounge (yes teachers have a count down until the last day of school and celebrate with each day that is torn off the calender). I'm looking forward to having my husband more available and enjoying the summer months...but I am going to miss these kids. I have to admit, when I chose to go into the Elementary Education program and not Secondary Education...I had my doubts. I didn't know if I could have the patience for the noise, the whining, and I didn't know if I could handle watching the students struggle with home life. Now I feel such a connection with the students, with the school. My patience has grown immensely over the last two years and I love being a part of the Tanaka family, if only by marriage :)

This morning I went to see my second grade class- Ms. Dittrich's class. As I walked in the door I was rushed by a flood of open arms and little bodies. They all shouted for joy as I walked in the room. Ms. Dittrich told them that I would be happy to sign their memory books and year books and shirts or whatever so they lined up next to me as I signed little messages to them. I suddenly realized what it must be like to be a princess at Disneyland- adored by all. Nobody asks me for my autograph in the "real world" unless its a signature on a check or contract.

I can understand why we are told in scripture to be like little children, and why Christ told the people to suffer the little children to come unto Him. I imagine, although Christ loves everyone, it must have been a different experience to spend time with the people who asked nothing of Him, but showed unto Him the purest love and offered the purest hearts. They are so innocent and sweet.

On a different note, I'm spending the majority of the day with Adam's 4th grade class. I've signed their shirts too...but these kids were second graders just two years ago when Adam started working here. It's so sad to watch them grow up! Adam is having a major party in his room. As I type I have a game of twister going on, monopoly, sorry, and of course THE WII. Adam told his class he'd bring the WII if they brought controllers and games. It is quite the hit.

So today is full of melancholy celebration. Next year will be different as I will be placed in another school for student teaching, and I will no longer have the desperate need to bestow my affection to another woman's child hahaha. It will also be different because Tanaka is going to a 12 month school and this is truly their last, last day of school which means Adam is off until the SECOND WEEK IN OCTOBER!!! That's a lot of Adam. Good thing I like a lot of Adam :)

So until next year Tanaka- I will miss you.

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Melinda said...

That's wonderful timing to go to a 12 month calendar! Adam will get to be around more for those first few months with baby girl!! I think that's the most exciting thing. Even though I too counted down days of school, I think I'd prefer a year round thing and I believe it would aid in retention of skills in the students. One of my friends who teaches 5th grade says at her school they say "Kindergarten is next to Godliness" I loved helping in my moms kindergarten class and how adoring they were even though only one or two of them actually KNEW me (from church).