Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Grasshoppers, Birds, and Bees...

So yesterday I'm giving a lesson on the life cycle of grasshoppers. Pretty standard stuff. The kids have been working on an insect unit in science and we were comparing the four stage life cycle of a butterfly to the three stage life cycle of a grasshopper. (Second grade)

We began the lesson by brainstorming and predicting what we know about insects and grasshoppers. The second question was "How are grasshoppers born."

Heather raised her hand and said "I predict they are born from eggs."

I told her that was a great prediction and asked if anyone had any other predictions...

Alicia raised her hand and said "Mrs. Turney I have a question."

I said "what is your question Alicia", knowing she was about to go off topic.

"Mrs. Turney, how is your baby going to come out of there."

"Ummm....that's a different lesson we are going to save for another day," was my nervous reply.

"...but Mrs. Turney, how did it get in there."

19 pairs of beady little eyes starred at me with curiosity. Finally I have their attention for THIS...None of them knew (thank goodness) and they all waited in anticipation for me to elaborate.

"We are going to talk about grasshoppers now and then in another lesson later (much later when I am no longer teaching you children) you'll have a lesson on it."

Off. the. hook.

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z&jarnold said...

i got asked those questions by my neices when i was pregnant the first time, it was really fun to say "oh i think that is a great question for your mommy and daddy"