Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Officially freaking out!

Yesterday we had our first birthing class. For three weeks, in three hour sessions we get to learn about the joy of giving birth. Time is ticking by (hence the picture) and I am getting excited to see little baby girl!

Adam has adamantly refused to watch me give birth...so I asked if he was going to watch the video. He replied "umm they are not going to make us watch that stupid video, it's not a health class." It's a birthing class...of course they made us watch it!

The lady basically brought out all the things that we are going to be hooked up to in the hospital, including the epidural stuff. I've been nervous because I thought that the needle would stay in my spine the whole time (like an IV)...and that is apparently (happily) not true.

The best part of the night came at the end when we did our breathing exercises. After a couple practice rounds of Breath in...2...3...4...out...2...3...4 with the instructor, she told us that she was going to have our partners count for us and they were going to keep track of our breaths. Suddenly Adam turns to me and says "wait what are we doing?" and then she says start so I'm trying to count for myself, keep track myself, and concentrate with Adam asking me what he is supposed to be doing. He was not helpful. There had been a part in the movie where a husband had said he liked the intimate face to face interaction where you are up in your partners face communicating and Adam gets real close to my face as I'm trying to count my way through this "contraction" and he starts counting all off and I burst out laughing. The lady was not impressed. The next time he tried harder although his attempts were lame...about 30 seconds into the "contraction" he counted in...2...3...4 then suddenly said "and hold." As soon as he told me to hold my breath I lost it again and started cracking up. It was so funny. At least this time I was able to finish the breath and have a good amount of breaths for the time we were "contracting"

Afterwords, we decided to go check out our house. It was 9:00 at night so it was really dark and we couldn't see much but we could tell they put our cabinets in!!! We walked around the house guided by the light of Adam's cell phone hahaha. We were so excited and can't wait until next week when we get to see even more progress!

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Brad and Stephanie said...

that's awesome! When Brad and I took the classes she was talking about "happy places" and then we watch a video that had a couple list some one of the ladies was her cat so her husband takes out a famed picture of her cat out of nowhere shoves it in her face and says "cat hunny cat!" Our instructor had us make a list of our own. Brad and I didn't have anything written down because we just kept laughing and couldn't focus. We annoyed the teacher.