Friday, July 6, 2012

A Couple of Weeks in the Life {6/25-7/6}

We've had a couple of really awesome weeks! Early Monday morning on June 26th, Auntie Aubrey came to visit us for almost a week, and then that Friday we headed off to Utah for another week.

Here is a quick summary of our adventures along with some pictures:

Monday: Went to the splash pad with the girls to cool off, then went mini golfing as a family. Hint: Adam won, Hannah didn't.

Tuesday: Went to see the movie Brave, which was fantastic, although we've decided we will NOT be taking our kids to the movies for a few years yet. Adam and Aubrey went bowling together. I think Adam won but Aubrey stayed super consistent from game one to two which is always a huge issue for both Adam and I. Good job Aubs!

Wednesday:  We went swimming at Roads Ranch water park all day. It was a huge blast. Thanks to the Packards for helping us out. 

Thursday: Last full day with Aubrey, we went to the Library and some other things I think. We mainly just hung out.

Friday: Took Aubrey to the airport and drove to Utah. In about Nephi Hannah asked how much longer it was until we got to Grandma's. I told her it was a long drive. "Haha," she laughed, "You are tricking me, it's a long long long long long drive." Truth.

Saturday: I finally hiked Ben Lomand (Big Ben). A 16 mile all day adventure. It was incredible and I can't believe it's taken me this long as I grew up in Big Ben's shadow. Daddy took the girls to McDonalds to play and Uncle Sean took Hannah to Kangaroo Zoo.

Sunday: Got to see my dad in action as bishop and see some old high school friends. They have a great ward. It was my dad's birthday so we had a birthday dinner.

Monday: Tree House Museum which Adam and I did for half a day, then went out shopping together while my mom took the girls back for another round of Tree House.

Tuesday: The Zoo pretty much all day, then City Creek Mall which was incredible. Found my dress for the wedding next week (WOOT!) and got to see my friend Megan and her husband Eric who are expecting a baby any moment now. Then a concert at the park and fireworks. The girls were up from 6:30 to 11:00pm so they were beat.

Wednesday: The girls slept in until almost 9:00 which was incredible. We went to the parade, had a BBQ lunch with the Crouches (who Adam declared are some of his favorite people in the world and I concur) and then went to Cherry Hill which was probably the most popular day of the trip. We came home and watched fireworks and did sparklers.

Thursday: My mom took care of the girls again while Adam and I went out to lunch (YUM Greek food) and a movie (Spiderman--pretty awesome). We had a big party because it was our last night with yummy food, and play. We watched some Andy Griffith Show clips (RIP Andy Griffith, or as Hannah says "Did Andy Griff die"?) and just hung out.

Friday: Drove home and made great time, to our horror our A/C wasn't working. It is 90 degrees in our house. Boo. We are some of those poor people who don't want to pay the extra money to have someone come fix it on the weekend so I think we'll wait until after the wedding. Maybe I'll lose weight before the wedding based on the fact that I don't like to eat/make food while it is hot and I'm sweating like a whore at church. Yeah, I said it.

All in all it was a great couple weeks with family. A few thoughts: It REALLY made me want to move back to Utah, being there at such a beautiful time of year. Adam and I even talked about it because it crossed his mind a few times while we were there too. I miss being away from family, although we have a great "Family away from Family" in Vegas.

Now enjoy lots and lots of pictures:

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Sheena said...

Looks like you guys had fun in Utah! When I go back in the summer I am always convinced I need to move back ASAP! I LOVE the summer in UT! If only I could live in Vegas during the winter and UT during the summer...