Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Week in the Life {7/23-7/29}

Can I just say I love having Adam home? Cause I do. I LOVE it. Not only is it fun for the girls to have their daddy around all the time but it's fun for me as well. It's also nice because I've been able to have one on one time with each girl this week (and I NEVER get that with Paige so it's really special).

Monday we cleaned (another great reason I love having Adam home) and went shopping at Old Navy/ played at the park at Town Square. I got a couple of cute shirts and some shorts and Adam got some new shorts too (woo woo). Scott Packard came over to play games with Adam...wait no, that was Sunday. Sunday I went to see the Bachelorette finale and Scott and Adam played games together.

Tuesday we went to the library as always. Paige was so expressive during storytime and all the ladies kept cooing at her and marveling at her personality. Hannah was perfect during storytime. The letter was P and Hannah was so excited to let everyone know that P was for P-P-Paige!

Wednesday, Hannah and I went to the annual ward swimming party at the Rhodes Ranch Pool. It was so much fun! We stayed pretty much all day and poor Hannah got a sunburn on her cheeks. I said "I'm so sorry Hannah, I feel like a bad mommy!" She said "That's alright, I feel like a bad Hannah." I think she meant the sunburn felt bad :(

Thursday I spent most of the day getting ready for Hannah's birthday. I was feeling pretty emotional about my baby turning three and I wasn't really myself. Paige had a fever, runny nose, and she kept pulling on her ear. It had started the day before, and normally I wouldn't take her to the doctor but I got concerned that she was going to have an infection and we would be out of town so I took her in. He kind of made fun of me for bringing her in because she was fine, and said all those things are probably due to teething (even the ear pulling, which I didn't know). I felt dumb, but now I can leave the girls at least knowing there are no infections going on. Thursday was also book club. After I got back from Book Club Adam and I sat up and decorated the house for Hannah's party. How many men do you know that would frost more than 50 cupcakes for his daughter's third birthday? Sometimes I dream about winning the lottery and then I realize I kind of already did. Cheesy, but whatever. I make no apologies. I love my guy. Rosalie, Hunter, and her friend stayed over night on their way to Utah that night.

Friday, the big day. Hannah woke up and there were streamers covering her door. She was so excited it was her birthday. In fact, she told me all week, "Mommy, I'm so excited for my birthday!" we got dressed and ready then came downstairs. Balloons lined the stairs and there were streamers at the bottom again, I made a birthday banner and hung a bunch of balloons and pictures of her. She got a pink Radio Flyer tricycle from Mommy and Daddy, a Dora back pack from Daddy, a Tinkerbell doll and Lightning McQueen/Mater trucks from Paige, a collection of Disney Princess dolls from Grandma and Grandpa, her very own suitcase (pink and floral) from Nana and Papa, and lots of other toys, books, and crafts from her friends. She was so lucky! We had a little birthday party at Red Ridge park to celebrate and had cupcakes with her friends. When I asked who came to her birthday party she said "EVERYONE!" She of course, didn't take a nap. We had taquitos for dinner and basically played and played all day long. It was great. I was impressed that she would share her brand new toys with Paige but she did happily. Adam went out that night with some friends after the girls went to sleep and I sat at home and cried and cried that my baby was getting older.

Saturday, I got to spend some time with Paige at a baby shower for my friend Alyson who was in my last ward. It was fun seeing all the ladies from our old ward and catching up. We had the missionaries over, which was fun. Hannah prayed "Please bless I can marry Tayden again (cause she asks frequently in her prayers) and we can live happily after after. Grateful the missionaries could eat dinner and they could say their names, and bless the missionaries could go home and find ladies." What a joker.

 I don't know...but it cracks me up

 All but one of my close friends are pregnant right joke. 

This is Adam at around Hannah's age with the same bike that Hannah got for her birthday!

Adam is speaking in church tomorrow (Sunday of course) and then we are going to celebrate a little guy we love (Landon who is turning 2!) 


Lesley said...

I can remember back and forth phone calls with your mom as she drove to Vegas the day Hannah was born. Three years has gone by fast. Happy birthday to cute Hannah!! It looks like it was a fun one.

Sheena said...

What a fun week! We are glad we could join the fun for Hannah's birthday! What a fun girl she is. Cute pictures too.