Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Week in the Life {7/9-7/15}

This week was a very special week! Allie and Jeffery Elms were sealed together on July 14th.

We had a few days at home to catch up on reading (we are at 83 books), play with each other, and go to a puppet show at the library. Both girls went crazy for the puppet show (especially Paige, it was really sweet) and then we packed, cleaned up, and were off to California for the wedding.

The wedding week was great. On Wednesday we planned the Hawaii itinerary which got us all excited for the trip. We also had everyone take the color code which was super fun and interesting and we kept teasing Addison for being such a yellow (I'm a yellow too).

Thursday Allie went to the temple to receive her endowment and it was very sweet and wonderful to be there with her. We went out to Taco Bell afterwords and it was fun to be there with Jeff's awesome family.

Friday I spent the day baking for the wedding luncheon and we had the rehearsal dinner at Amigos.

 I told them to make a face like they are getting married tomorrow

Saturday we got up early and I went and got ready for the day with Allie in her room. Her sweet friend Katie helped me do my make up and I explained to her about the temple and a little bit of what would happen. While I was talking to Katie picturing Allie and Jeff I totally started crying unexpectedly haha you can imagine me the rest of the day...The sealing was one I'll never forget, it was so beautiful and wonderful. Jeff and Allie were so sweet with each other and Adam and I both got the impression that they were made for each other. There was so much love and happiness. Allie looked so beautiful (which you can see in the pictures) and it was a perfect day.


Georgia said...

A wonderful week with great photos. Thanks for sharing the fun, Melissa!

Sheena said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your SILs dress.