Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hawaii Trip Itinerary

Two weeks to Hawaii everyone!!!! I’m so excited and I think I speak for everyone when I say to Mom and Dad THANK YOU for planning and financing this awesome vacation.  I think our Hawaii meeting was very productive and made me even more excited to be in paradise =)
Here is the itinerary that I wrote up during the meeting:
July 31st: Depart Visalia at 4:00PM
August 1st: 1:55 AM Departure from LAS airport
                      5:00 AM Arrival to Hawaii
                      6:00 AM Car Rental/ Breakfast
We need to pick up the Polynesian Cultural Center tickets on the base and grocery shop at Costco. Don’t forget to send your top three meals to Kris so that she can get the menu planned. We’ll need to go to the resort to drop off luggage and make room in the cars.

                Swap Meet
                Hanging out at the Resort/Beach

August 2nd:
                      8:00 AM Depart for the Temple
                      9:00-11:00 Temple/Lunch
                      12:00- Polynesian Cultural Center

                Temple Visitor Center
Temple sealings
                Polynesian Cultural Center

August 3rd:
                     No specified timetable this day

                Polycanyon Lookout
                Base Beach (Lunch @ the beach)

August 4th:
                     No specified timetable this day

                Dole Plantation
                Maunawili Falls Hike (Plan to bring hiking shoes/bug spray)

August 5th:
                     8:00 AM Sacrament Meeting
                     10:00 AM Pearl Harbor Tour
Happy 15th Birthday to Aubrey and Happy 6th anniversary to Adam and Melissa
                Pearl Harbor
                Birthday Party

August 6th:
                    No time but we need to start the day fairly early

                Diamondhead hike

August 7th:
                   No specified timetable

                Base Beach

August 8th
                  6:00 AM Return Cars
                  7:55 AM Departure to LAS
                  4:35 PM Arrival to LAS
                  Say Aloha =( and drive to Visalia/Utah

Again, please send your menu ideas to Kris so she can plan all the ingredients
Each couple owes $220 dollars for the Polynesian Cultural Center and Pearl Harbor Tickets

Melissa needs to call ahead about the hikes and get all the information
Pack a small flashlight, bug repellant, and hiking shoes for our two hikes

Polynesian Cultural Center: $100 per person
Pearl Harbor: $9.00 per person
Bellows Beach:
Double Kayak: $25.00 from 10:00-4:00
Single Kayak: $20 from 10:00-4:00
Snorkeling Sets: $8 a day
Boogie Boards: $4 a day

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