Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Week in the Life {7/16-7/22}

This week was great! It's always good to have an "at home" week during the summer. All growing up I experienced summer travel which was great, but could be exhausting--even for a kid, so I'm used to the up and going summer routine but it's always good to have a little downtime.

On Monday we mostly hung around. I had cleaned right before we left so no need for that but I did go shopping with Hannah.

On Tuesday we went to the library for story time, again, just me and Hannah. Paige has been getting up later, therefore her nap is later. I also went to the gym to run (more on that in a minute) and went about two miles. Adam and I watched Batman Begins in preparation for the big release of The Dark Knight Rises. I also had a great conversation with Kris in preparation for Hawaii, which I am super excited for BTW.

Wednesday was another day at home. We didn't really go anywhere, (Vegas in the summer is so like Utah in the winter, you can't do much without risking your health and comfort). Adam and I again watched The Dark Knight to prepare for the movie. Too much staying up late BTW.

Thursday came and I can't remember much except Adam got called to be the first councilor in the Sunday School Presidency. That makes calling number 3 for him as he is also the Scout Master and Elders Quorum teacher. Adam also went to the midnight premiere of  The Dark Knight Rises with a few friends.

Friday morning at 3am I woke up alone in bed as Adam was at the midnight premiere of TDKR and I had a notification on my ipod saying that there had been a shooting at the midnight premiere in Colorado. In my sleepy state I got a little panicky wondering if it was going to be a nationwide event where crazy people were going to midnight showings and killing people but I soon heard from Adam that he was on his way. Adam went to Boy Scout day camp on two hours of sleep. Hannah, Paige, and I went to a magic show at the library advertised as a "Harry Potter Magic Show." PS Library, Hannah has been crying for days about Harry Potter not being there, and how it had almost nothing to do with Harry Potter except that it was at a library and it was a magic show.  I picked Adam up from camp and we dropped our kids off at our friends Jen and Dave's house and WE went to see TDKR together, so Adam spent 6 hours watching the same movie, and he had a total of 2 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period lol.

Saturday I went shopping again with Hannah and then we dropped the girls off to Sheena so we could go see the musical Memphis. It was amazing! We thought it was the best of the season (The Color Purple, Mary Poppins, and The Million Dollar Quartet were the others) and look forward to the next season of the Smith Center starting with Wicked! So counting the temple the previous week Adam and I enjoyed THREE dates together. It was fabulous. After the musical, Sheena and Craig dropped of their boy Landon (who is turning 2 just a coupled days after Hannah's birthday THIS WEEK). He is a doll and both Hannah and Paige love him. He's really REALLY smart like Hannah. I had him do the ABCs and after he clapped for me.

I guess the biggest thing this week, is that I contacted Adam's biological father on FB and asked him some questions about him, his family, and his ancestry. It's been so cool to find out about the family that shares Adam's blood, for example, Adam is the great great great great grandson of Edwin Whiting who joined the church in 1838, baptized by Thomas Marsh and first councilor to Issac Morley. It's been cool getting acquainted with the Whiting side. Little known fact. Adam and Austin were born Adam and Austin Whiting and were adopted by Terry Turney in I think 1986 or 87. They have three half brothers and one half sister on their dad's side so technically we are half aunts and uncles already to two girls and one boy (I think? Maybe just two girls). It's awesome to discover your roots!

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Lesley said...

I enjoy reading about your week in the life each week Melissa. Interesting sidenote... my next door neighbors (well, empty lot between us) are Whitings. In fact, their daughter just returned from Russia and knows Megan.