Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Third Birthday, Darling!

I can't believe Hannah is three today! She is such a grown up lady :) Thank you to all of those who have sent birthday wishes, cards, and gifts! She loves them all!

I asked her the following questions:

What is your favorite:

Color: "Red"
Toy: "My new backpack"
Fruit: "Banana"
TV Show: "Dora and Go Diego Go."
Book: (too many) 
Lunch: "Animal Crackers"
Breakfast: "Cupcakes!" 
Favorite Outfit:
Game: "Candyland and Saw Sao"
Snack: "Cupcakes"
Animal: "A cat"
Song: "Child of God and I have a Family here on Erf." (Families can be Together Forever
Best Friend: "Everyone"
Cereal: "Marshmewow Babies" (Marshmallow Maties" 
Thing to do outside: "Go Swimming, Have a picnic" 

I love our little sweetheart and I'm so glad she is in our family! 

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Georgia said...

How does she just keep getting cuter? I think it shouldn't be possible and then I see her or another photo, and there she is, even cuter!

Happy birthday, Hannah!