Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Week in the Life {6/18-6/24}

 Paige has the BEST smile ever. 

 Paige hates the texture of spaghetti noodles so much she cries when they touch her tongue. 
 Hannah asked for a picture and this is how she posed. 

 Hannah is totally enamored with Tayden. Can you blame her? I was trying to get the husbands to take a picture together and T volunteered. 
 Craig, Adam, Scott, Shawn (with Colin), and Matt
 Chelsea, Melissa, Stacey (and baby), Sheena (and baby), Cori (and baby)...The other two pregos are in Utah. Yes, 5 of my very best friends are pregnant and due within 5 weeks of each other (gasp). Makes me feel like I missed out on an awesome party last winter ;) 
I seriously would be so sad in life without these ladies. 

Our first week with Adam:

Lots of reading, playing with Daddy, naps for Mommy, McDonalds outing, Library story time, playing in the back yard, discovering a cocoon, going to the gym, movies, and fun. The last few pictures are of Adam and some of his best guy friends (minus Jake) and me and my best girl friends (minus Haley and Katie who were out of town). We had a BBQ at Stacey's house. Chelsea and I are the non pregnant ones...if I look especially skinny it's because I'm standing by Stacey who is (incredibly) 6 months pregnant! 

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Lilian said...

So, Paige is what? Almost a year? Well.... 10 months? What do I know? Either way, the pictures on this post are the first ones I've ever seen where I see YOU Melissa, as a baby. Oh my word! That very first one....YOU. I've always thought that she is such a cutie... yet to meet her favorite aunt Lilian, but WOW!

Love it.