Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Week in the Life {5/28-6/3}

I can feel the magic of summer approaching. I know that sounds cheesy and if my friend Chelsea heard me say it I'd never hear the end of it. Let's hope she doesn't read this post. She doesn't keep up on her blog so maybe she won't read mine.

Last weekend was awesome. It lasted three days and it gave me a tiny glimpse into our future "Summer of Daddy." On Monday, we mainly just hung around and played together as a family. We went to a Memorial day get together which was awesome. Yummy food and great company. Hannah has so much fun playing with other kids toys. I also went to Bachelorette and stayed out later than I should so that on TUESDAY I was pretty groggy.

I prayed that I'd be able to handle the kids and hold onto the shred of patience I had inside until nap time. Nap time came and after I laid the girls down I laid myself down. Paige slept about three hours. Hannah slept two and I slept 2 and a half. I heard Hannah creep inside our bedroom and look in a few drawers. When I asked her what she was looking for she told me the ipod. I told her it was downstairs and that she should go get it and bring it up on my bed so I at least knew where she was while I finished my nap. That didn't happen. She disappeared downstairs while I finished my nap. When Adam came home, Hannah was downstairs playing while I slept upstairs. When I asked her why she didn't obey me she said timidly "but Mommy, you needed your nap."

Tuesday we also went to go to the scout office to pick up some merit badges for the boys. In addition to being the canning specialist I am also the scout secretary and Adam is the scoutmaster. We were downtown a long time so we ended up going out to eat at Jason's deli which was very yummy. Hannah loves the muffins and the icecream and I love the salad bar. Paige eats whatever we give her happily. In the evening we watched a couple episodes of Downton Abbey.

Wednesday, Adam had a busy afternoon with a cultural night at his school plus a pack meeting. The girls and I hung around at home and rested a bit. Again we watched Downton Abbey.

Thursday we were down to the bare bones in our cupboard so I went shopping with the girls. I don't like grocery shopping so I usually avoid it until last minute. We also went to the water park where Hannah carried around an imaginary chocolate ice cream cone all around the park (she even dropped it once--but thanks to the ten second rule she scooped it up and ate it. Adam heard we were there so he jumped the fence from his school and ran across the field to meet us for a few minutes. We had a picnic for dinner. Frito boats and corn on the cob. Hannah thought that was great. Adam made brownies with Hannah. so we had brownies and ice cream for dessert. We finished the second series of Downton Abbey, and Adam was pretty bummed ;)

Friday, we signed up for the children's book club at the library. If we read for 30 days straight we get to have a prize. I wonder what we get if we've read to our kids every night since Hannah was born? That's almost three years of bedtime stories. We saw one of Hannah's best friends, Tayden, at the library. Tayden started hitting another kid for taking Hannah's paper, Hannah yelled at some girls for playing with "my boy's car" and they both terrorized the kids, being fiercely protective of each other, and their friendship. Hannah says she is going to marry Tayden. I tell her she has a long time and lots of boys to meet before she has to think about getting married. I also got measured and looked at patterns for a dress my friend Alicia is making for Allie's wedding. I'm so excited and I think it is going to look fantastic! Adam went to a work party and then shopping for a few things I missed. We read three books to kick off our 100 book list. The Very Hungry Caterpiller, There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly, and Mirror Mirror. Mirror Mirror is an amazing book that I was captivated by. One starred review said: "This ingenious book of reversos, or poems which have one meaning when read down the page and perhaps an altogether different meaning when read up the page, toys with and reinvents oh-so-familiar stories and characters, from Cinderella to the Ugly Duckling. The five opening lines of the Goldilocks reverso read: “Asleep in cub’s bed / Blonde / startled by / Bears, / the headline read.” Running down the page side-by-side with this poem is a second, which ends with: “Next day / the headline read: / Bears startled / by blonde / asleep in cub’s bed.” The 14 pairs of poems—easily distinguished by different fonts and background colors—allow changes only in punctuation, capitalization, and line breaks, as Singer explains in an author’s note about her invented poetic form. “It is a form that is both challenging and fun—rather like creating and solving a puzzle.” Our VERY FAVORITE new book we've discovered is called press here. Both girls LOVE this book and crack up. Check it out HERE ON YOUTUBE. You'll see why an almost 1 and 3 year old pair would love it. After we read we put Paige to sleep. Hannah and I had another picnic and then read the books again.

Saturday, Adam worked the SAT test and the girls and I went to a surprise birthday party for my friend Kim who turned 30! It was the first weekend of the month so we then headed off to Shark Reef. We also got our  2012 Old Navy flag shirts. That night we tended our friend Landen who is one cute cookie! He and Hannah are so much a like and Hannah bossed him around (they are exactly a year apart to the week) but I put a stop to that pretty soon and they had a lot of fun together.

Sunday was perfect. Church, naps, Adam is currently home teaching right now and the girls are watching Sesame Beginnings. Life is good :)

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I love the picture of Hannah with her arm aroung Paige and them both looking intently at the book. Priceless!