Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Week in the Life {6/4-6/10}

What a great week! I always always love the last week of school and the first week of school better than any other weeks in the year. Those weeks are always filled with so much energy and excitement if you are a student, a teacher, or a teacher's wife.

Monday is my regular cleaning day, so nothing too exciting there. I joined a gym and so I went for the first time. Much to the chagrin of my family members, the gym membership also includes unlimited tanning. I'm being as safe as I can be using a tanning bed and I only go for 3 minutes at a time 3 days a week. I just want to be even all around. I was supposed to hang out with friends but ended up falling asleep SUPER early. The big news is that Hannah started swimming lessons with our friend and ward member Steve Torrance. I was amazed at his patience. Hannah didn't want to get in the water and when she did she didn't want to put her head under. He got her to put her head under for about a second on Monday.

Tuesday we went to the library. We are having so much fun finding new awesome books. Hannah's favorite this week was probably a toss up between There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly by Simms Tasack and any Mo Willems book that features Elephant and Piggy. Mo Willems tends to include little parts from his other books in his current book and I was pleasantly surprised while reading the line "blaggle blaggle" in Leonardo the Terrible Monster and Hannah perked up and said "That's from Knuffle Bunny" not realizing that Mo Willems wrote both books. I was super impressed. It sounds dumb now but it wasn't haha. Hannah enjoyed swimming lessons again and actually put her face underwater once or twice. We went over to Tayden's house for a little while and Hannah was so happy because according to her she is "Dying for Tayden." Paige's big news was that she actually took her first steps on Tuesday. She was SO PROUD of herself, laughing and looking all over the place. I was pretty proud too, just 9 months old.

Wednesday we had a Dr. appointment for Paige which went fabulously. She's a super healthy baby 50th percentile for height, weight, and head which to me tells  me that she is practically perfect ;). Adam was practically counting down the hours for the last day of school. I read the book House Rules by Jodi Picoult, who I have avoided in the past but REALLY enjoyed.

Thursday we spent some more time with Tayden. We are so lucky to have awesome friends, and we love them, and that's all I'm going to say about that. Hannah had her last swim lessons for the day and wouldn't you know she did FANTASTIC. I can really see her growth and comfort in the pool, although she is still wary and wants to be safe. Hannah is our little safety police. If she is outside and hears a car coming she instantly freaks out and I have to hold her hand for her to calm down. If the car is turned on before my seatbelt is buckled (or if she doesn't see me buckle my seatbelt she makes me put it on (same goes for Adam). If Paige is moving towards danger like a little object she might want to swallow or the stairs Hannah sounds the alarm. It's great but I sometimes worry she is too paranoid. Adam had a little too much fun with his facial hair this week as it was the last week of school. He was VERY happy to say goodbye to most of this years students but very emotional saying goodbye to Tanaka. He received a very sweet note from one of his last years students which validated him and made him feel like he does make a difference.

Friday, Adam checked out and came home at about 10:30. Summer vacation doesn't start officially for him until this next week is over (he has a science class that he gets paid to take so after Friday he's free) but there is a huge burden off his shoulders now that he is no longer responsible for a class. I took a glorious nap and Friday night we went to a BBQ for our friend's boy who just turned 2. We sure love him too. I just love my friends and their kids. I kind of feel like an aunt to them since I am so far away from family here in Vegas and oh that's right...don't have any nieces or nephews of my own...

Saturday we had another birthday party for my friend's daughter Sophia who turned 3. I can't believe that just over 3 years ago me, Amanda, and Ozra were all pregant going to UNLV together and within 6 weeks we all had our gorgeous daughters who are now in their threes. Wow. Time flies. We went to Pump it up, had cake, and birthday hats, so as you can imagine Hannah was on cloud nine. I read a book in one day called The Fault in our Stars and I'm dying to get my hands on every John Green novel ever. It was amazing.

Today we are just hanging out. I'm making a yummy dinner. We'll go on a walk, have brownies, and then read/bed. I'm reading another really interesting book about a woman who cannot retain her memories after she falls asleep and has missed out on half her life. It's called Before I go to Sleep. Hannah was excited today because her swim teacher spoke in church. She was also excited because Tayden's grandparents came to church so she thought that maybe her grandparents would be there too :(

In case you are wondering, We've read 26 new picture books since June 1st :) We are over 1/4 of our way to our goal of 100 books. I'm sure we'll read way more than that, but it will be exciting to reach our goal! Maybe we'll have an ice cream party!

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We love you too! And appreciate you more than you know. Thanks for everything!!!