Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Week in the Life {6/11-6/17}

June is half way over?!?!

This week Adam spent most of his time in a UNLV course for elementary teachers to learn about teaching science. He got paid pretty big bucks to take the course so woohooo!

I spent the week inside. It's about 105 here at this point and being outside with the kids is miserable. Seeing how we didn't have a car, we didn't have much choice but to sit around at home. Luckily I have very good friends Lidia and Athylie who made sure we got to swimming lessons every day, and Stacey helped us out by getting us to the library for Storytime. I would have gone mad otherwise.

Hannah finished up swimming lessons. She did a fantastic job. It's so cool watching your children learn and develop a skill isn't it?! The first day she would barley do anything and by the end of the two weeks she was loving it. She even asked if she could do it again, but I think we are going to be out of town too much.

Paige has eaten everything in sight this week. She loves to gobble everything up and seems to have an endless appetite. She is getting even better at walking although she is pretty nervous and will hold our hands most of the time.

Saturday we got our first babysitter EVER. We've done lots of trade offs with friends but I felt like I should give them a break while we went and saw The Million Dollar Quartet, a Musical. The name was given to recordings made on Tuesday December 4, 1956 in the Sun Record Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. The recordings were of an impromptu jam session among Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash. It was a really fun date. The girls did really great with a babysitter and I was calm the whole time because I picked pretty much the best girl I possibly could. We also went to another birthday party at pump it up, and a Goodbye Party (or as Hannah called it, a Go Away Party) for our good friends the Wongs who are going to Kansas City for Med school. We'll miss them!

For Father's day I woke up at 5:45 so I could be ready to take care of the kids/make breakfast so Adam wouldn't have to. People, my kids didn't wake up until 7am. WHAT. That is the first time that has ever happened. I swear they are out to ruin me. We gave Adam THIS VIDEO and made footprints (just the kids, not me lol) for Adam. I also made a yummy breakfast and dinner.

So next week starts our Summer of Adam! I'm super excited to see what it will bring! Adam's first summer off since he was a teenager (and possibly his only summer off ever?). One week from today Aubrey Turney is coming to visit and then a week later we'll be in my homeland, Utah.

If anyone is keeping track, we have read 41 new picture books this summer. Most of those have been read AT LEAST 3 times but books like There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly, Pinkalicious, and We're Going on a Bear Hunt have been read at least 20 times exaggeration.

 After nap hair is hilarious. 

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