Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Little Moments

Last night I spent the evening watching movies and finishing homework while Adam worked at the Keith Urban concert. As luck would have it, he got to come home early (about 10:15 pm) and I was still awake.

As soon as he walked through the door he quickly instructed me to get dressed and told me we were going on a date. I threw on something while he changed out of his work clothes and we ran to the car.

The weather in Vegas has been strange...while it is still 112 degrees outside their are clouds and rain and strange desert occurrences. Adam LOVES lightning storms and this night it was all over the valley.

We got in the car and Adam bought us a Tropical Smoothie to share (while I was there a little three year old girl said "look at her baby mommy" and she kept pointing at me while the embarrassed mom tried to get her to calm down ...when I got up to leave and we walked passed her she said "oooh it's a BIG baby!" too cute!). We love Tropical Smoothie~ one of our favorite treats!

So with our smoothie in hand we drove to a secluded place off the road where it was just us and the desert and we watched the lighting storm and just hung out together. It was so impulsive of Adam and romantic that even nine months pregnant I didn't mind being dragged out of bed!

It got me thinking that these were the last little moments we would have as Adam and Melissa. I know that may sound dramatic but it is true. In less than two weeks (or REALLY less than two weeks) the two of us will leave our home and come home three. Of course we will still have alone time, couple time. We will still go on dates and we will still have trips to the desert in a lightning storm. Someday our kids will be grown up and we will have the rest of Eternity with each other but we will NEVER be the same again. If I'm making this sound negative it is not meant to be. I know that it will be a beautiful, wonderful adventure and I am so grateful for it. Things are always meant to change and grow and it is time for us to do the same. I can't wait for little Hannah to join us!

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Lilian said...

You aren't making it sound negative Melissa. It's real. And it's wonderful.