Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy (early) Anniversary!

August 5th marks our three year anniversary! This year is going to be different from the last two celebrations. The first year we headed off to Southern California, went to Disneyland and hung out on the beach for a week, and saw the Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert I'd been dying to see. Last year we held off on celebrating for a couple weeks and got to go to San Fransisco. This year...we will be parents.

I figure I better post this now because I'm not sure how motivated I will be to blog with a brand new baby but I wanted to express my love for Adam and celebrate our eternal companionship.

This year I have learned to love Adam so much more and our relationship has become different. We've grown to love and respect each other in different ways. Adam has always taken really great care of me, but almost took over after I got pregnant. I think the reason I've had such a pleasant pregnancy is because of the way my husband has treated me. It's been a pretty huge year and we've had to turn to each other more than in the past and we've grown closer together. The third year has defiantly been our best so far! Some of the highlights include:

Baby Hannah (soon to be!)
The Pregnancy
Adam graduating with his first Masters Degree in Educational Leadership
Buying our first home together
A fabulous trip to New York

Life just keeps getting better and better! We are so grateful to be married in the temple and can't wait to see what the future brings!

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