Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa T!

Today is my Daddy's birthday. I have a great Daddy...and in a month he is going to be an awesome Grandpa. Here is a story of why I love my dad, and why he's going to be an awesome grandpa:

The other day he called to see if I knew that it was important not to leave a baby in the car alone, especially during the summer..."yes Dad"...just to make sure he wanted to let me know that its more important to wake the baby up and carry her inside than to let her sleep..."yes Dad"...and for good measure he let me know that it was more important for my new ice cream to melt in the car while I'm unloading my groceries than to take it inside before I get the baby...already looking out for our baby girl.

I'm grateful for my dad! I know he prays for me every day, I know he is proud of me for no other reason than me just being me. I know I can always turn to my Dad and that he still seems to have all of life's answers, even if they do come out as long drawn out state of the union addresses :) I have the greatest Dad and I love him and I hope he has the best birthday ever. This year, he turns twice my age, which means he has 24 years of parenting experience to bestow upon me, and he has been my dad for half his lifetime. I truly hope that the little girl inside of me loves her Daddy, and has as great of a relationship with Adam as I do with Mim.

Love you dad!

(As a side note: My dad took me to a movie about twenty years ago now (maybe 21 years) and every time I see this picture I think of the last line of that movie which is "I love you daddy" followed by a song "now we can we can run..." name that movie)


Lilian said...

I'd have to say that was the Little Mermaid.

What a tender post to such a great guy. How thoughtful of him to call and talk to you about the safety of the baby in the heat of a car. Funny thing is, he knows you know, but it sure makes it easier to actually HEAR that you know.

I love my big brudder. Happy Birthday Tim!

Adam and Melissa said...

Bingo...I knew you would get it...I was actually counting on you hahaha

Lesley said...

I knew "The Little Mermaid" also. Tender movie for my own personal reasons. You have a great daddy. It is also great when our children let us 'remind' them of things such as don't leave the baby in the car....and if you don't mind Aunt Lesley throwing in a couple; don't leave empty plastic bags (Target, etc.) in the rooms and keep the toilet lid down and the bathroom doors closed :-) I have a few more but that's enough for now.

Lesley said...

PS Love ya!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You have a good man for a Dad Melis. One memory I have of him was when I was new in America he gave me a ride home one day. We dropped by the grocery store and he taught me how to grocery shop in U.S. dollars instead of thinking in Philippine pesos. I was impressed that he took the time to do that. What a nice Tim-man. Happy birthday, Tim!