Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hannah's Birthday

Monday July 27th I woke up at 6:44 to an uncomfortable feeling. I woke up, moved around, got some breakfast and felt that same feeling again just after 7:10 am. This time I recognized that both feelings must be contractions. This continued every 30-45 minutes and I began to realize that in the next 24 hours things could really start to change. When Adam got up we began to give the house a good cleaning. I also took out my hospital bag and began to pack for real. All morning the contractions continued sporadically. After noon I noticed that the contractions were starting to become closer together going from 30-45 minutes apart to suddenly 15-20 minutes apart. I kept the waiting grandma’s informed. My mom was all packed and ready to jump in the car at any minute. I didn’t really want anyone to come out just to have to head home. As of Friday I was only dilated to 2-3 and was at 60% effaced…but I’d been that way for two weeks! I couldn’t be progressing too fast. Like a good girl I knew that I should wait at least two hours with the contractions between 3-5 minutes apart before heading to the hospital. The contractions were becoming closer, stronger, faster! By 2pm they were defiantly 2-3 minutes apart. I told my mom she was ok to come. She said she’d take a power nap and head out. I tried to stay calm and comfortable and wait out the next few hours. My goal was to wait until 5 or 6 pm and then head to the hospital…by four O’clock I was done waiting and told Adam he needed to take me.

At this point I was dying to just get an epidural. From everything I’d been told I knew I had to at least be at 4cm before they like to give it out. Somehow I walked up to Labor and Delivery and told them I needed to be checked. The lady asked the reason (as I’m holding onto her counter with white knuckles) and I told her I was in labor. They quickly got me into room seven and my nurse said she’d check me as soon as she got all my information. She was pretty quick and Adam sat there helpless. She checked me and said “ooh looks like you are at 5-6 cm. “Great so can I have the epidural,” I asked quickly. She smiled and told me she’d call the anesthesiologist right away and that I was doing great…hang on…(did I have a choice?). Thankfully she was so quick to get the anesthesiologist I wasn’t ready for him yet. The nurse was trying to get my IV in (failed the first time…ouch) so I wouldn’t be dehydrated for the epidural. I’d like to bare my testimony that I know epidurals come from God. Once that was in I couldn’t stop smiling! Adam was amazed! I was amazed. I could still feel my legs although movement was limited. I could relax and enjoy the rest of the labor! An hour and a half after she checked me she came to check me again…I was at 9 cm. Hannah’s grandma’s were both rushing to the hospital and she was coming faster than we all though. She said she would break my water (I was about to ask her not to so that it would go a little slower for the grandma’s to stand a chance) but it broke on its own. About 8 O’clock they did a few practice pushes with me and went to call the Dr. Luckily they said Hannah was handling everything so beautifully and I was contracting so long and frequently that it would be fine to let her descend for a little bit. We called the grandma’s and let them know to hurry up! They were both equal distance away. The race was on…would they make it!?!

It was time to start to push for real because the doctor was on his way. It was really an incredible experience to be able to have a mirror and watch everything. The minutes were ticking by and they were having me start pushing. Suddenly my Mom and Megan walked in the door (and Megan- seeing me giving birth promptly turned around and walked out). Thirty seconds later Dr. Harter walked in and it was time to get down to business! Kris was on the phone while I was pushing- she went to the hospital very near ours on accident and arrived just a little after Hannah did.

It was the most incredible thing to watch her coming into the world. On the last push (At 10:28) she literally popped right out and surprised us all (Dr. Harter started yelling to stop pushing). I couldn’t even describe the feeling when they put her on my chest and I saw her beautiful face. I was shocked to see it. My first impression was that she looked like my baby pictures. As I examined her I started recognizing Adam’s facial expressions. She gave a good loud cry for a moment and when they placed her on my chest she promptly stopped wide eyed and just started looking all over the room. Adam came over and held her hand. Suddenly our family was a little more complete.

After that I don’t know what was happening with me. I just watched the nurse take Hannah and care for her over by the warmer. They weighed her in at 8lbs 4oz. 18.5 inches long (what a chubster!)

She is such a perfect baby. She only fusses when necessary and is patient with us even as we change her diaper (although she does give us a look of annoyance). Her hair is hilarious! She has so much thick, long, dark hair. She is a pro nurser…she latched right on! What a natural. We love her so much! I’ve never felt so wonderful before. It’s amazing watching Adam’s eyes light up whenever they are together. I’m grateful for her quick, safe delivery and for everyone’s love and support! We feel it here and I know Hannah knows how much she is loved.


Lesley said...

Reading about Hannah and seeing her pictures makes me cry. I'm so glad that she arrived safely and that you are both well...all three of you (Mike hyperventilated in the delivery room when Andy was born). She is beautiful, she reminds me of baby Melissa :-) I'm looking forward to meeting her. I love you all!

Lilian said...

I'm with Lesley. Seeing the pictures and reading your story makes me cry too. She is really so so beautiful (Lesley and I were talking about that today). I'm so glad Margie was there to see her enter this world!! I can't wait to meet her!!

Brad and Stephanie said...

Good job momma!!! I only hope I get to meet her sometime sooner rather than later :) I'm excited to see pictures in the next couple weeks and more to follow after to see her change. Oh, she is so adorable!

Melinda said...

That's so cool about the mirror! I wanted to use one really bad, but when it came down to it, the only position I could handle being in was on my left side, which made the mirror impossible. That's one of the coolest labor stories ever!!

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow! What a wonderful labor story! Hannah is gorgeous and absolutely ado'ble! She is a special princess sent directly to her mom & dad by our Heavenly Father! How you both received her name in the temple really touched me. I am so thrilled for you, Melissa & Adam! I cried, too, when I first saw her picture. There is nothing more precious than your own baby! Congratulations! I LOVE YOU THREE!