Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yesterday a very handsome young man (Adam) asked me on a date to go see the newest Disney/Pixar movie UP! It is such a treat to go to a fun, clean, movie...especially one with such a great message.

From the previews, I assumed it was about a grumpy old man who had become disenchanted with the changes of the world and decided to leave the city behind and fly away, inadvertently bringing along his neighbor Russell. After the movie started however; it took a new shape, telling the story of a man and wife who spent a lifetime together in love and friendship, and his desire to make all of her dreams come true after she has died (first ten minutes of the movie, don't worry I didn't spoil anything).

The story touches on many themes such as childhood innocence, lifelong dreams, letting go, and being happy with your life. This movie is truly for ANYONE of ANY age (although I must admit, the Turney's always love the animated movies).


Georgia said...

Melissa, Thanks for the great review. 'Up' is the only movie out there right now that I've had any desire to see and now I want to see it even more.

Thank you!

carlytai said...

You are so right! I saw it last night and I absolutely loved it! It really is for any age as the viewers in the audiece the night I went showed. Go see it!

Dani Marie said...

Kel and I saw it and I wanted to cry a few times. It was so sweet! We both loved it.