Friday, May 1, 2009

Precious Children: Fulfillment in Motherhood

This was my favorite talk in Women's Conference that I previously mentioned I would write about. I've been thinking about Motherhood, (since I am surrounded by a variety of Mothers who have influenced my life and my perspective on womanhood), and everything that goes with it, wondering what kind of mother I will be to the little kicker.

To be honest, I'm a little nervous. Since I have lived a somewhat selfish existence to this point, other than caring for my husband, I wonder what it will be like to care for someone so small, helpless, and mine. It blows my mind that right now my body is creating this precious soul and that she will be mine (and Adams).

The talk was about finding fulfillment and delight in Motherhood. Finding fulfillment will help us find the joy. They said "It is not a burden to bare but a privilege to enjoy." An analogy was given by one of the speakers who said that Bananas are not her favorite fruit. If they are ripe she will eat them, but they have to be in perfect condition and then she will not enjoy it, she will just eat it. She explained that a peach however can be enjoyed by her at anytime and she finds delight in the peach. She said some days you will have peach days and others will be banana days.

They talked about how despite popular belief, quality can not replace quantity, rather quality is an appendage of quantity and we should spend a lot of quality time with our family.

One of the BEST things that was said was that we need to chose to be validated by prophets, leaders, and the Lord...not by the world. The world would have us believe that being a mom is a negative thing, a bump on our road to success. The Lord would have us believe that it is our divine calling.

It was also emphasized that we must take time for ourselves (you can't draw water from a dry well). That obtaining an educational degree will help a woman in her role as a mother in every aspect, no matter what the degree.

Satan has always tried to downplay the role of mothers since the fall of Eve, don't let him do this. The fall of woman means the fall of the family. Be the guard of your home. Teach your children to observe and obey every principal with exactness.

Happiness doesn't happen. It is a choice we have to make. Fulfillment doesn't happen. We have to be fulfilled within ourselves. Fulfillment in motherhood doesn't come from what you are doing, but your attitude about your role.

Simplify your life. Just because something is good, doesn't mean you have to do it. Take time to enjoy the moment! Treasure the doing more and getting it done less...

So the talks themselves were fantastic, as you can see from some of my notes... but the thing I loved about it, is because it talked so much about the choices that we make to treasure the children we are given. I've had some inner struggles about my choices after the baby comes and what it is going to be like, and I felt so much peace from this talk. I felt so much more in control of my situation and life after listening to the words of these mothers.

I'm grateful for the example of wonderful moms, especially my mom and my mother in law who raised a wonderful man who is not perfect, but has so much faith in the Lord and who I am honored to be his companion.


Bea said...

Great post, love, I enjoy being a Mom. It is the greatest calling of all. Actually it isn't a calling, you can be released from A calling, being a Mom goes on forever YES!!!!!!!!!

Brad and Stephanie said...

Hey do you know if they publish the womens conference talks for the year like they do with EFY?

Margie said...

It was great to be with you this weekend!! I loved your post and I loved spending time together!!