Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've gained some weight...15 pounds

11 weeks
31 weeks

I appreciate everyone's prayers this last week, fortunately I got my results back and my levels seem to be where they need to be, Also her baby body is in the 97th percentile overall and she looks like she's doing great.

Still no name, she won't have one until she's born. One of my second graders gives her a big hug and kiss and calls her "no name baby." For some reason I don't think this pregnancy will see it through to August...which is fine because she's due on August 5th (our 3 year wedding anniversary for those who missed it on my facebook quiz :) so if she comes in July it won't be so soon.

Monday I'll be 31 weeks! I'm feeling pretty great aside from sleeping problems and back pains :) I really can't complain because I've had a pretty easy pregnancy after I got past the morning sickness. My school friends are helping me get through the school day as painlessly as possible and have already committed to me to walk around the Education building to induce labor on my last day of school (July 30th). I have a great support system here in town and I'm grateful for all of them. They waited in anticipation all week to find out about my glucose test and I would tease with them at times when the teacher would have our groups do an activity I would suddenly say "ow my diabetes, you guys take over."

I can often feel her little bum pushing out against my tummy. I'll sit there and poke it for a few minutes until she gets annoyed and shifts positions, but she really likes to stick her little bum out giving me a nice hard spot on my belly.


Margie said...

You look so cute!!

carlytai said...

I absolutely love it! You are so cute pregnant! All I can saw is this is going to one lucky girl to be born into such a wonderful family!