Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Week in the Life {3/18-3/24}

What a busy week home from Utah!

Monday we drove home from Utah and it was not as smooth as our drive there. In part, I think I can blame the fact that we were on the wrong side of vacation. Paige was a big grump (she probably missed her Grandma) and cried whenever she was awake. I listened to two CDs that my mom let me borrow. One was an encouraging message to mothers by John Bytheway (I had to laugh because my mom's been giving me John Bytheway talks since I was 11 and it felt very full circle) and the other was Raising your Children unto the Lord by Gene R. Cook which was fabulous. They both were.

We got home and had to grocery shop, clean a little, and of course hug daddy to death. It was good to be home.

Tuesday Hannah was excited to go to preschool, then we went to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather. I also had book club (we read These is My Words) at my house.

Wednesday was another day at the park, even though the weather was a tad gloomy. I took off a night at boot camp because I wanted at least ONE night home with Adam. I've been way too busy.

Thursday was preschool again and I met for lunch with my old professor Elyshia to discuss a couple of projects we are working on and to catch up. That night we had a great Relief Society birthday dinner. I also went to a maxi skirt party and bought a couple of skirts.

Friday Les Mis came out on Blu Ray so I had some friends over to watch. We went to the library together and got some new books. Hannah and Paige have now read over 100 books toward the 1,000 books before kindergarten program.  We are a little behind (by about 50 books) if we are going to read 100 before Hannah starts. I think we'll get caught up during Spring Break next week.

Saturday Adam took the girls to a park for a little while but it was very cold and they came home a lot sooner than they had planned. Adam and I went bowling while the Perry's watched the girls. Then we watched Landon while the Perry's went out to dinner so it was a fun swap. Landon is a doll and Paige kept kissing him. He tackled her several times all in good fun and she laughed and laughed. We all watched Wreck it Ralph together (Hannah was concerned every time he did something that wasn't safe...which was a lot).

Today I am teaching the Relief Society lesson on Dallin H Oaks talk "Protect the Children." It's an intense talk with lots of intense themes such as abuse, abortion, and divorce. I pray the spirit will be with me and that I can do justice to the words Elder Oaks gave last October. He offended a lot of people in that talk, and I'm afraid that I will too, especially where as he is an apostle and I'm not. I hope I can deliver it in the same spirit of love that Elder Oaks did. We watched the video "17 Miracles" today and it was fantastic. Of course it made me cry. It was about the Willie handcart company.

Adam got some great news but I can't yet talk about it. It's pretty exciting though. (Probably only for us, so don't get too curious, it's just really cool for him).

Anyway, it was a great week, very busy, and I'm glad it is now spring break and we can enjoy each other as a family.

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