Monday, April 1, 2013

A Week in the Life {3/25-3/31}

Time slipped away from me last night, so I'm afraid this will have to be short and sweet.

This week was spring break, and I am luckier than most because my husband gets to have all the school holidays off. We were all home together and it was wonderful. We started off with two sick girls, but they got better quickly and we were able to do fun things such as playing at McDonald's  going to the library together, organizing an Easter egg hunt with our park group, and just being together.

Hannah went to the dentist for the first time as well and did a fantastic job. She was very brave (although she did trip and get a rug burn, it was the only time it looked like she would cry, and she's been obsessed with her rug burn ever since.) The dentist was so sweet with her and said her teeth look well cared for and healthy so that was good news.

I just bought a year long pass to the new Discovery Children's Museum and it was so amazing. I can't wait to go back several times a month, if not weekly. Hannah and Paige especially loved the art section, and the grocery section.

Saturday was a blast, we did a treasure hunt for our Easter baskets, I sent the kids all over the house looking for clues (my mom did that for some family night lessons) until they found their baskets in the back yard which was covered in eggs to "hunt." Everything was extremely simple but my kids loved it so that was all that mattered. We also went to our old ward Easter party. It was nice to be among our friends, although it won't ever be the same. I miss our old ward, but I'm starting to really enjoy the new one as well. We looked at some spectacular model homes and talked about moving...which probably won't happen for two to three years but it's always fun to look to the future.

Sunday made for a very special Easter. Adam's brother has been struggling for some time with his testimony. He says he wants to believe the church is the true church on earth but he claims that all facts point otherwise. His wife asked us to fast for him as a family, as he has decided he no longer wants to be a part of the church. I've never prayed so hard in my life. It's been a trying and difficult time for us to watch them struggle like this. It has been extremely painful for us, and I can't imagine what they are going through, especially my dear dear sister in law. Anyway, fasting combined with such a huge focus on the Savior, his Atonement, and resurrection made for an extremely tender Easter.

A friend of mine posted a blog article defending marriage between a man and woman and I wanted to share it. I think she echos my feelings perfectly and did so in such an eloquent way I had to share.

Pictures of the month will be posted later when I have them all available.

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Lilian said...

Sad to hear about Adam's brother. Too bad the facts he probably hears about are from "anti" literature. Sad for your sis-in-law too.