Monday, April 22, 2013

A Week in the Life {4/15-4/21}

So I almost forgot to do this yesterday. I guess  I did forget yesterday and I'm trying to make it up. I have a lot of projects going on right now, and my Monday's arent a great day to catch up.

I did want to share a funny story.

Last week, we were at the store and Hannah was acting up. She's been a little naughtier than usual as of late, and I think it's because she's going through a growths spurt (she is always "starving") and will not take naps. Anyway, we were shopping and she started acting up so I got down to her level and whispered "Hannah, I'm done, you know better than this. I am done with your attitude, I'm done with your disobediance, I'm done." She looked at me, unfazed and said "You can't be done. You're my mom." It really put things into perspective. I laughed (when she wasn't looking of course) and mustered up a little more patience because of course she is right, I can never be done with my duties of being a mom and part of that is steering her in different directions when she may be naughty.

I finished Life of Pi (the book) and Adam and I watched Life of Pi (the movie) the next day (while eating pie). Adam and I also went out to see Beauty and the Beast at the Smith Center. I loved it but Adam wasn't impressed. I should have taken Hannah because I think she would have loved it too. I saw it a few years ago  at Spring Mountain Ranch and I have been looking forward to seeing it again.

The girls had a good week. We went to a new park, the library (I took Paige by herself and she was so good at story time. I also think she liked being with Mommy by herself while Hannah was at preschool), we had friends over for lunch a couple days and we babysat our friend Landon, who the girls basically fought over the whole time. He is a couple days shy of Hannah's birthday, but he will be three this year.

Also, I was invited to collaborate on the Becoming Lovely blog that I wrote a few guest posts for. This post is about me and my best friend, Megan Winegar Long in our more awkward days. Check it out, and follow the blog!

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