Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Week in the Life {4/1-4/7}

Is anyone else having a hard time believing it is April? I had high aspirations for April fools day that didn't happen, although my sister Megan tricked me into thinking JK Rowling was writing another Harry Potter book. My kids thought I was a lunatic because I was jumping up and down screaming for joy, but alas, I remembered what day it was and I was sorely disappointed. I even stooped so low as to post a picture of a tarantula on her FB page because I was seriously angry (she has tarantula issues). 

Hannah is such a wonderful girl. She isn't perfect, what person is, but she is mine and I am so blessed. In lieu of naps or quiet time lately she wants to spend that time alone with me. I think it's so sweet. She made up a game this week called "snow" which apparently consists of pelting Paige with sand. Paige loves it. Paige adores everything that Hannah does and I've had to make Hannah aware of that, that her choices have serious consequences as she teaches her sister to do certain things.  I started to exercise to Jillian Michael's 30 day shred while Hannah was eating breakfast. She started HECKLING ME! I am doing hip circles and she starts singing "Watch out for my body rolls watch out for my body rolls..." then I start jumping jacks and she says "higher, higher mommy! You're not doing it correctly! To the side to the side, kick!" I love that my children have such a funny sense of humor. Earlier this week she decided to put on every pair of panties that she owns and walk around with this giant bulging bum under her shorts. When she had to go potty, she started to panic because she couldn't get them off. Mommy to the rescue! Glad I didn't have to wash every pair of underwear she ever owned...

Speaking of sense of humor, Paige is hilarious. This week I asked her if she wanted to brush her teeth (one of her favorite things) and she said "No....just teasing!" Then cracked up at her own joke. I'm so grateful for that girl. Paige got a bunch of new clothes from Target and Old Navy. She looks like such a big grown up girl in her new clothes. Especially since they are 2T size. She's my fast growing girl, while Hannah still fits in all her 3T clothing. 

I feel like I said this recently, but I love how different my girls are. Hannah is so socially courageous. She can talk to anyone about anything for hours. She can make friends so easily. In fact, everyone is her friend. Sometimes she will run up and hug a random kid just because they are about her size and say, "Hello friend, I'm Hannah, what's your name." She always says "Oh, that's a really nice name!" However, if she is in a situation that requires bravery such as riding on a bike with Daddy, going down a slide, crossing a bridge, crossing the street, anything with the tiniest hint of danger, she freaks out. She hates bugs and snakes, and even saw a dog today and said, "That dog is really scary Mommy!" It was a beagle that was sitting down on a leash. Paige on the other hand is the complete opposite. She lights up any room we are in but shuts down if a stranger, or anyone that she isn't intimately familiar with walks in. Today my friend Chelsea was taking pictures of the girls and Paige would barely crack a smile. The crazy thing is, she is familiar with Chelsea, and sees her often, but felt uncomfortable with the attention. However, when it comes to danger, she gets excited. She loves feeling scared. She loves when people come up behind her and pretend to push her off the table or whatever. She loves being thrown up in the air while Hannah can barely stomach being held because she is so high. Somehow when they are together they have a little more courage to be the person their sister is. I love it. I would not change one iota about either of them for all the money in the world. 

I have started Indexing with the ward as we have a ward goal. I never knew how easy it was, and I'm grateful I can assist in temple work from home, since my kids are so small and it's very difficult to get to a temple, even though we have one that is forty five minutes away. I'm also listening to Truman G Madsen's lectures on Joseph Smith. I've always had a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet but until I listened to these lectures, he was never so beloved to me. I am filled with so much gratitude to that man, and I am amazed in what he was able to accomplish. He truly was a prophet of God. 

Adam has been busy at school. Ever since January he's been tutoring after school, but only has two more weeks of that. We are all very happy that's almost over. He applied for summer school this week and we'll see if he can get it. He has been riding bikes with the girls every day after school this week. Hannah goes on her tricycle and Paige goes in his baby seat on his bike. It's so sweet to watch. 

We went to Shark Reef today and also to Old Navy. It's so great to have a 1::1 ratio when we go out. Adam is a great husband and he is so helpful with the kids. I feel like we make a great team. We also went to eat at a place called Chicken Bonz and it was delicious. I want to lose a few lbs because my summer pants are fitting tightly, but at the same time I don't really care to lose weight since I'll just be getting pregnant within a year and I'll get fat so I go back and forth with dieting. I'll just try to be a little better I guess. 

Adam and I really enjoyed general conference. Since Addison decided to leave the church, it has been a real testimony building experience. The words spoken at conference were a real strength to us, especially Elder Eyring as he talked about never giving up hope that the ones we love may make it back. It seems really bleak right now, but I won't ever give up on Addison. He has his agency, and nobody can do anything to help him except love him and pray for him and Amanda. Adam and I have become stronger, and we have resolved to be better, and to do everything we can so that our children will know that the two of us have a testimony, so that when it comes time for them to decide if they have a testimony, at least they will know that their parents do, and at least we will know we tried our best and leave it up to them and the Lord. 

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