Thursday, March 21, 2013

Personal Progress

A long time ago when I was still young (hee hee) I participated in the Young Women program Personal Progress. I completed all the activities and "graduated" from the program. I even participated in it before they changed it (I think they've changed it a few times now) from the big giant book with lots of projects that had to do with sewing and cooking and creating things for our "future homes." Now it is a smaller book, with a lot more focus on the spiritual aspect, along with some projects.

I decided to once again, complete the Personal Progress program. I've been seeking the spirit in my life more and more now as a mom trying to raise kids in this difficult world. I'm grateful for this program and I'm hoping that I can increase my knowledge, testimony, and the spirit in our home. I've heard it said many times in the last six months that the home is now a missionary training center. I want to train my girls to be good missionaries. I want our home to be a place where we can foster testimonies and the spirit can be felt. I want to be better at doing those things. My greatest desire is that each of my children will stay faithful to the gospel of Christ and we believe the principles of the fullness of his gospel is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If they are not faithful, I want them at least to know that their parents have a testimony in the gospel, and that there are no questions about that.

So here I am, doing personal progress. I'll periodically record things in this blog, since it is my journal.

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Georgia said...

I have three Personal Progress medals. The one I earned when I was in 'Mutual' 35+ years ago, the one I worked for when Danielle was in Young Women's and I was a leader, and the one I earned when Camille was working on her PP. I cherish them all for the different things I learned and the experiences I had working on them. Doing it again with the girls was so fun and rewarding.

Just think how many you have with your own, this one you are working on now, the ones you will get as each of your daughters go through the program in YW!