Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Week in the Life {2/25-3/3}

As the weather warms, we have been venturing out more and enjoying life a little bit more too.

I took the girls to McDonalds for lunch. Usually I don't get Happy Meals because they are a waste of money but Hannah saw the ballerina toys and fell in love, so I got her a treat.

We of course, took a trip to the library. They have a new little puppet show set up and Hannah and Paigey both love it. It is super cute and keeps them entertained for as long as I allow them to stay.

The last week of the month is so hectic! We had the Blue and Gold banquet, TWO book clubs, a relief society activity, a baby shower, and a date. For our date, Adam and I went to see West Side Story at the Smith Center. It was great!

I've been feeling incredibly BLAH lately. Adam and I talked it out and he is trying to lift my spirits. I'm looking forward to our Utah trip next month. I think it will be beneficial for my cabin fever. In church today, the Relief Society teacher talked about how Satan is working on wives and mothers to destroy the home and family and I felt like that really resonated with me. Like I've been discouraged because we are trying to do the right things for our family.

Paige has been doing a funny thing where you ask her "Who loves ________" and she'll say "Me!" Whenever we ask "Who loves Nana?" She says "Papa!" When Kris was visiting she kept trying to get her to say "Nana" but Paige always replied with "Papa," knowing that she was being funny and teasing her Grandmother.

Hannah has been saying funny things too. This week when I was trying to get her to take a nap she said "I'm too exhausted of sleeping." She also said "Mommy, put your seat belt on. It's what Heavenly Father wants!" She also saw some teenagers skateboarding in the street and said "Looks like Satan tricked them. Jesus better appear." She thought they were being dangerous so it must have been Satan's fault. Satan also tricked Daddy because he forgot to help her wash her hands after going potty tonight.

Adam's school is going to the track system. We are very excited to go year round! We are HOPING to get track 3 or 4. Also, It looks like Adam will have an administrative position for the first part of the summer. I'm excited for him! He is such a hard worker and I am grateful for his sacrifices for our family.

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