Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Week in the Life {9/16-9/22}

Every week when I sit down to reflect and recap the events I feel so tired and lazy. This is such a chore, but I always appreciate it when I go back and read it later. It reminds me of a book I finished this morning, The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani. The book has this undertone of finding beauty in every day life, and that's kind of what I want to accomplish. I don't always talk about things that are bothering me, or the messy bits of life, but it's not because I'm trying to put on a show, necessarily. It's more that I'm trying to focus on the good in my life rather than dwell on the disappointments.

Hannah and Paige started soccer this week. We are doing a neighborhood club, Every Tuesday we get together and work on skill practice, drills, and scrimmaging. All of the kids either are or were in our ward (before the split) so it's a lot of fun to be with the parents and watch these little kids grow. Hannah did fantastic on her first week. She was great at obeying instruction and had fantastic coordination with the ball. Paige on the other hand was too distracted by pink and purple soccer balls that she spent the evening collecting her favorite balls and running around, which is what I expected. It's pretty well organized, led by volunteers made up of the moms and dads and the occasional cousins. It's so much fun. Hannah has my cautious nature when it comes to team sports. She'll chase the ball with vigor but if she is close enough to kick it she'll let someone else take over.

Hannah had a respiratory attack this week and she's still recovering but she was pretty devastated to miss a day of school. She said to me, "Maybe all the other kids got sick and they had to cancel school!" She was very hopeful but I wasn't optimistic. We spent her sick day cuddling on the couch and watching movies. I didn't like that she wasn't feeling well, but I sure loved the down time.

Paige is hilarious. When we are playing around and I ask her to yell at Daddy she'll shout, "YEEEEEELLLLLL" I got out her Halloween costume and showed her. She said it was pretty, but when I told her it was for Halloween she got scared of it. (She's going to be Minnie Mouse.) Speaking of Halloween costumes I put together a Doc McStuffins costume for Hannah and she looks adorable. She is so excited for Halloween!

We had a fun family day on Saturday. We went to the Jim Gill concert at the library. He even got Adam to (begrudgingly) stand up and dance silly moves with the kids. After that we went to our annual Stake County Fair at the Mountain's Edge building. We had a fun time. Adam worked the Basketball booth for a while while Paige and Hannah collected tickets and gorged on cupcakes and cookies. Hannah asked for some cotton candy and I asked how she knew what cotton candy was. "I'm four years old Mom," she said, "And I've known about it since I was born." There was enough sass in her tone that I could almost see her teen years.

For the most part it was a quiet week. I read a lot. We played Candy Crush. I went to a Norwex party and Adam had an open house for school in the evening. I also went to the temple with some good friends (and dinner before at Zupas, it was amazing. The salted caramel creme brule was one of the best decisions I've ever made in life). We did initiatories.

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